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Six roadmaps multiply your exponential growth

Six roadmaps multiply exponential growth


This article is part of the Media 2025 series on leading exponential growth in publishing and advertising

Lesson for leaders

How should you plan on having your business destroyed by Facebook‘s, Amazon‘s, and Google‘s roadmaps? If you don’t pay Facebook, Amazon, or Google, they make you disappear online. They can then turn to your company and sell you access to your own customers and markets! They’ll call it advertising and retail. Their platforms will leave you out of tomorrow’s digital-first economy.

To prevent this, here are your first digital roadmaps; it’s what your company needs to know and do. If you have these roadmaps and decide to lead the future, your digital transformation will work. Otherwise, expect to fail because you’ll do too little, and you’ll figure out the giant platforms’ roadmaps too late.

Media roadmap

Media Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

How can media and publishing regain its leadership? Instead of dying quietly, can media use a new technology inflection to soar upward — and lift the world with it? Can media add 21st century two-way publishing that produces personal success and prosperity that includes everyone — including the media?

Commerce/e-commerce roadmap

Commerce Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

Will all commerce be ruled by one platform? Not if connected consumption adds the unlimited omnichannel. Your preferred vendors can know what you consume, when, and where. Their supply chains can meet your needs at lower costs and higher convenience. Many companies can rise to the top, along with everyone.

Work roadmap

Work Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

Who will be the next platform for doing real-time work throughout the economy? Technology is how we operate a business, connect with suppliers and partners, and deliver products and services — along with how your company connects to every customer personally. That platform will operate the world.

Supply chain roadmap

Supply Chain Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

A continuously connected global economy is about to arrive. Connected consumption can drive vendors, suppliers, and logistics. The economy’s responsiveness and accuracy can accelerate to real-time speed. Operations can move to continuous connections with customers and suppliers.

Corporate digital transformation roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

Companies will collectively spend over $1 trillion on their digital transformation during the next decade. Leave the slow road of linear growth to others. Go directly to an exponential growth roadmap. First, disrupt and lead your industry. Second, scale your platform to lead the world. Why disrupt only your industry when you can re-open everyone’s future and lead a successful planet?

Economic growth and universal prosperity roadmap

Growth Roadmap: Digital Earth 2025

Today’s economic stagnation causes widespread rejection of governments, democracy, and capitalism. As a leader, your biggest risk is failing to innovate enough. Just because you’re winning today, doesn’t mean you will win in the future. Winning consistently is your priority.

How will you decide your digital future?

With one or more of these roadmaps, your company could deliver a global digital transformation that changes the paradigm to people-first and helps everyone rise upward.

You could grow markets by giving people extraordinary new abilities.

Your company will wind up continuously connected to everyone. You enable connected consumption and universal prosperity because you deliver the first digital-Earth-as-a-service platform through the cloud. That expands you to many companies and their customers, not just yours.

Everyone could achieve and rise to the top for the first time in history.


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