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Take the lead, deliver the future, and rise to the top in four stages

Media 2025 article: Capture the lead, consume the future and rise to the top in four stages


This article is part of the Media 2025 series on leading exponential growth in publishing and advertising

Lesson for leaders


Imagine the near future, the world of 2025. People’s digital steps will be triggers that deliver the best knowledge, tools, and commercial choices. Without being interrupted, people will know how to succeed immediately with their “best step” and options.

Next, your ads and content will fit you. What people see and consume will be what they like.

In short, universal success, connected consumption, and user-controlled digital lives will become normal. When these fundamental technologies change, that can change the leading companies.

If publishers and media companies deliver these new technology platforms, they will move themselves to the center of how we will live, work, learn, and play.

If digital winners will own the future, who will be the biggest winner?

Media 2025: If digital winners eat everything, who will be the biggest winner?
The 20th century was governed by mass market products. When each vendor creates and sells their products, a tiny group of people decided the kinds of products people could make part of their lives. Mass market communication was used to sell these to everyone.

Google’s, Facebook’s and Amazon’s platforms perpetuate the last century. Their tech tracks people to sell targeted advertising with personalized recommendations to sell vendors’ products. They utilize mass communication and funnel the economy’s massive wealth to themselves.

Their new digital infrastructure is replacing leading companies in industries like publishing, media, retailing and products.

But digital technology will open everyone’s personal potential. To take back their leadership, some threatened companies could kick open the people-first floodgates. These companies will grow as they help everyone rise to the top of a people-first economy.

This new people-first tech adds continuous connections throughout everyone’s day. This will start positive, two-way 21st-century digital relationships. Connected consumption will grow customer-vendor partnerships during every use of connected products. These private connections also raise new barriers against competitors and surveillance. Real customer control of commerce will replace today’s customer-centered slogans.

The companies that deliver this will rise to the top, even if they start as today’s threatened businesses.

To take the lead, add people-first technology and grow its many relationships

Capture the lead, consume the competition and rise to the top in four stages

The  two-way channel shows people they can change their lives for the better multiple times each day. Once people learn that, they’ll never be the same again.

At a strategic level, this takes four stages:

  • Stage 1: Digital leadership. Begin by adding digital Earth features and applying them to solve people’s biggest problems.
  • Stage 2: Scale to high value. Use your new digital platform to solve your industry’s biggest problems and capture key markets.
  • Stage 3: Consumption. Include other companies in your ecosystem, or capture and consume them.
  • Stage 4: Global platform. Start disrupting and leading a people-first digital Earth.


By focusing on users’ problems instead of what they sell, publishers add two-way always-on platforms that deliver the information, content, and solutions people need every minute throughout the day.

By helping each person build the future he or she wants, publishers can take the lead in their industries. If only a few companies will lead a digital Earth, why not make it your company? Turn the start of universal prosperity into company growth, expanding markets, and your leadership.


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