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Team Flow Institute Launches to Create a Collective Vision for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

New institute is focused on shaping the future of work in the age of AI, using team flow principles to unlock human creativity, fulfillment and potential

Team Flow Institute announced its official launch on Labor Day 2023, with a mission of bringing together labor, managers, and executives to collectively shape the future of human work as disruptive technologies such artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are transforming the way people live and work. The Labor Day launch celebrates the contributions of labor in the United States and recognizes the importance and essential value at the heart of human work.

Founded by Chris Heuer and Jaime Schwarz, Team Flow Institute is an academy for education, a research institute and lab for experimentation, a community of practice and a professional services guild of strategists, change agents, and team flow facilitators empowering team leaders to create the conditions for team flow for augmented collaboration with AI. The institute will be managed as an open community and platform to foster collaboration and innovation.

“Team flow is what happens when all members of a team experience flow that originates from a team dynamic, a shared vision and mission, a state where everyone shares feelings of harmony and power. Team flow unlocks human creativity, and fulfillment. Enabling and achieving team flow is essential to unlocking the full potential of human work and team collaboration as we increasingly automate tasks and implement emerging AI and other digital tools and technologies,” said Heuer, managing director, Team Flow Institute.

Team Flow Institute offers a free online community and book club, newsletter, office hours, and its first course offering, “Team Flow Fundamentals,” co-designed with Dr. Jef van den Hout, the world’s leading authority on team flow. The intensive 8-week course is designed to equip participants with a deep understanding of team flow principles and how to apply them within their teams. The course includes guest lectures by Dr. van den Hout and offers a pathway to certification in team flow facilitation. More information and registration is available at

Dr. van den Hout will also serve the Institute as an advisor and senior research fellow, along with Jen McClure, former head of digital for Thomson Reuters and founder and CEO of nonprofit think tank Society for New Communications Research, one of the first organizations to research the impact of social media and digital technologies on business, media culture and society. McClure will lead the development of a research and fellowship program for the Institute.

“Team Flow institute is focused on the importance of augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them,” said Heuer. “We once thought lawyers, computer programmers, artists, writers, musicians and so many other professions were unable to be automated, that they were the essence of creative human work. Given the power of AI, we must now think about how we can best adopt technology to augment our work, with careful consideration as to where to draw the line. Our vision is to gather like-minded individuals and organizations to steer our collective destiny toward a more sustainable future, where the essence of humanity and human work is valued and preserved as we increasingly adopt AI tools and technologies.”

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