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How exponential growth publishers can accelerate digital wealth

Media 2025 Article: How exponential growth publishers can accelerate digital wealth and greatness for all


This article is part of the Media 2025 series on leading exponential growth in publishing and advertising

Lesson for leaders

Facebook and Google are currently the most efficient at digital advertising, but can they be disrupted by their negative perceptions and a digital wealth paradigm?

Tech’s anti-people bias is increasingly discussed. That’s fueled by surveillance business models that manage people with profiles and algorithms, and replacing jobs with AI and automation. As a result, our expectation of financial security is vanishing for our careers and our children.

There’s a new option with exponential growth publishing. This people-first roadmap is designed to expand digital wealth and take back the lead from Facebook and Google.

Start universal prosperity: digital wealth for all

Start universal prosperity: Digital wealth for all

Tech-driven change is accelerating. When publishers switch the focus to a people-first digital Earth, interactive two-way publishing will be embedded inside every digital step. Their platform radically increases people’s abilities during each step, delivering improvements immediately to everyone, everywhere. New innovations will be spread around the world by networks at the speed of light.

On the same day, people in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Stockholm will learn their new “next best step” breakthroughs in many areas of life, work, and consumption. They will take steps that improve their lives. This cycle repeats tomorrow, the next day, etc. Global productivity increases daily by everyone—not annually by corporations.


What is digital wealth?

Time spent online in 2017: 39% of hours awake

Inequality is a huge problem because 8 men own as much wealth as half the world (3.6 billion people). The top 10% own 89% of the world’s wealth. The bottom 90% own just 11% of all wealth. But can exponential growth disrupt inequality, economic stagnation, and the decline of the middle class?

Digital is a growing slice of the personal pie charts of our time and activities. This slice didn’t exist in 1980 but today it is crossing 6 hours per day. In the future, computing will be part of wearables that we use frequently to get and do what we need personally. That will multiply this pie slice towards our full day.

Each of the coming transformation processes are expanded immeasurably by exponential growth publishing. Publishers can deliver this widely and scale it worldwide.

The new architecture for these advances is described in the Media 2025 series:

  • Multiple shared life spaces
  • Active knowledge, resources, and commerce
  • Digital boundaries
  • Families of devices
  • Connected consumption
  • Tech is turned into a universal resource
  • Other advances include next-generation entertainment with global events navigation, constructed digital realities, new kinds of always-on devices, governances, online utilities, and more.

Lives and abilities are transformed. These digital lives are wealthier than today: people receive scalable increase in personal productivity, as they consume increasingly lower cost digital goods, services, knowledge, learning, personal achievements and entertainment.

Exponential growth publishers use this platform to put themselves at the center of everyone’s life, embedded in countless online activities throughout the day. They will redefine prosperity from job income to digital wealth. They will redirect the main economic activity from job-hunting to capture and secure a high-paying job, to abundance farming where everyone automatically receives and harvests humanity’s combined abilities and resources.

The big flip: everyone moves to the top

The big flip: Everyone moves to the top
Global digital transformation challenges many businesses. Some publishers can use this as a strategy to replace Google and Facebook. These platforms’ revenues come from advertising. They depend on today’s marketing of branded consumption, lack of user control, and surveillance of online activities.

People-first digital Earth will be different. Today’s greatness will become tomorrow’s norm. Greatness for all will become an engineered and profitable business when publishers add exponential growth, increase digital wealth, and start universal prosperity.

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