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Online marketing 101: matching tone, style, and content

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Every digital marketer should strive to create campaigns with consistent and unique styles to set their company apart from the competition. What’s more, generating content with a unified style in mind is one of the best ways to establish to establish a strong brand identity in the digital world. And given the fact that many companies chiefly interact with their customers through digital media, developing a well-defined marketing “voice,” is a must for just about every business. To that end, today we’ll explore how companies across industries can create blogs, social media posts, and advertisements that share a common theme, message, and tone. (Plus, we’ll explain why it’s so important to stay on-point and on-message as much as you can!)

B2B vs B2C Content

What your business does on a day-to-day basis should have a major effect on the type of marketing content you produce. Obviously, B2B businesses should have vastly different strategies than B2C companies. To dive a little deeper: B2C businesses need to make content that energizes and excites their customer base and focuses on customer experience. They’re looking to inspire people to make snap decisions –– or even impulse buys –– and their marketing efforts should reflect that. Conversely, B2B businesses can write more in-depth, industry specific pieces, since they often deal with niche audiences. You’re not going to convince someone to spend ten thousand dollars on lab equipment because of a catchy tagline, for example –– so it’s best not to even explore that route.

Don’t be Afraid to Stand Out

Every business owner should understand that what makes their company different, should also make it valuable. Don’t consider your company to be “small;” think of it instead as “agile.” Instead of “inexperienced,” be “enthusiastic.” The point is, whatever makes your company unique should be an asset that you consistently underline in your marketing work. Trying to cover up any supposed “deficiencies” in your writing will likely come across as desperate at best, and off-putting at worst.

Understand Your Place

If you’re ever going to create marketing content that engages your audience, you need to understand what your readers expect from your business. For instance, a party bus company can adopt a more carefree and relaxed vibe in their marketing content than a law firm ever could. Knowing how you fit into your customers’ or clients’ lives is critical in forming an effective brand identity. Alternatively, there’s nothing worse than company that’s tone-deaf online and makes inappropriate comments online. Remember: when in doubt, stick to what you know best. It’ll serve you well in the long run.


Chans Weber

Chans Weber is the CEO of Leap Clixx, a digital marketing agency. Backed up by 10+ years of experience in a variety of industries, including finance, marketing, and online technology, Chans is known for his skill in transforming a company’s visions and goals into tangible revenue. As an expert in advanced SEO, paid advertising, and inbound marketing, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and helping businesses reach their full potential.

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