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  1. I did not know that Facebook and Google employed direct mail to drive leads. This is huge. It may show that this channel may be one to focus on. Especially considering the talks about Net neutrality and the potential increase in web ad cost if it goes into effect the way I see it. That being said, regarding political correctness, I don’t think there is a way out of it. Anyone wants to be respected. If people want to say things the way they feel about them, they should not be hurt if people talk to them the same way (without gloves). Obviously, it comes down to the fact that having good manners is necessary to live peacefully with others.

  2. Excellent article. Far less snarky than the title might suggest; well done keeping it civil, and making it meaningful.

    Your final words about trust are so vital. When we feel someone is acting in our best interest, we’ll tolerate, even welcome, all kinds of things we’d resent from bad or suspicious actors.

    Your examples are sad, though. (They’re excellent examples; they just make me sad.) These folks, one and all, are clearly saying “Buying our service is the right way to do business” without acknowledging that they themselves don’t rely entirely on their own services. Disingenuous marketing is no way to build trust.

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