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Does digital sometimes feel a little overwhelming to you? There are so many things you could do that it can be tough to decide what you should do. And it’s getting ever harder when the things you could do change so rapidly. Whether it’s more established disciplines within digital, such as content marketing, conversion rate optimization and search, or new entrants like AI and machine learning, there’s no doubt that the whole field can sometimes frustrate you.

However, there are a few areas worthy of your focus. And those areas were the subject of a recent conversation I had with Biznology founder Mike Moran. Sure, you can read his writings every week here at Biznology. But wouldn’t it be great to hear from him directly?

That’s why Mike and I sat down recently and recorded our conversation all about digital strategy and how to put it to work for your business.

Want to know what Mike had to say?

During our roughly 25-minute conversation, which you can listen to using the embedded player above or below, Mike and I had a freewheeling discussion all about:

  • How Mike got started with content marketing — or as he puts it, “How content marketing got started with him.”
  • The importance of site search, which drives 43% to 600% increase in conversion rate. This data illustrates that, if you’re interested in conversion rate optimization and you’re not paying attention to site search, you’re missing a huge opportunity.
    • Another key takeaway: people who search really want to buy from you; they’re your best customers. And, unfortunately, the ones who don’t search, as Mike says, sometimes “just aren’t that into you.”
    • Site search isn’t always a good as you need to be. But in those cases, you’re really just ignoring your best customers. So don’t do that.
  • Lots of reasons exist for why marketers don’t pay more attention to site search. For instance:
    • Marketing thinks it’s IT’s job
    • Or, frequently, marketers doesn’t know how to fix the issues
  • Fortunately, we wouldn’t set you up a problem and not offer some solutions. These include:
    • Why you need analytics for your site search
    • Some top tips for improving your site search and your site content
    • A/B testing for site search
    • Tools that can help improve your site search
    • How you can use the data from site search to improve content marketing, site search, SEO, and paid search
      • As Mike points out, site search is like an open-ended survey that tells you what your customers want. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • We also get into the future of digital and content marketing a bit, discussing how artificial intelligence will begin to shape content marketing in the next few years:
    • As Mike says, asking how artificial intelligence will affect content marketing is a bit like asking about the role data will play; it will touch everything.
    • You’re going to see AI as part of ranking algorithms, mapping queries more effectively to searcher intent
    • And, as we’ve pointed out in the past here on Biznology, how AI will shape marketing more broadly in the coming years.

Overall, it was a really fun talk, one I think you’re going to love too. So take a few minutes to give it a listen (you can download or subscribe to future episodes right from the embedded player). You’ll be glad you did. Because the future of marketing might just turn out to be the one you create.

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