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In the Future: Capability Models for Personal and Planetary Success

This article is part of the Media 2025 series on leading exponential growth in publishing and advertising

Lesson for leaders

Becoming the biggest leader is hard. The top competitors usually defeat all companies. Why do most fail? They compete in predictable ways and try what everyone knows, which makes them lose.

Instead, inventing a new kind of future can make today’s leaders irrelevant or obsolete. Powerful new kinds of progress are visible as soon as today’s blinders are removed. Start by seeing how much and how fast everything is changing, and how quickly new digital advances are adopted. Then look at the big global changes that have already started.

Dominant institutions are left behind quickly. That’s what’s happening to publishing, and leading publishers will stay in upheaval until they adjust. But when publishers explore new roads they discover big new disruptions of their own. A new future is theirs to capture, lead, and win.

The coming “new normal”

Greatness: Everyone achieves above their full potentials

Imagine a world where exponential growth publishing helps every person rise by becoming as capable as the best person on Earth. Soon humanity’s abilities can be combined and “the best” can be delivered to every person as a normal part of what they do online. Billions of people could each exceed their full personal potential. High levels of human success will become normal. Universal prosperity will begin.

How fast will that make markets grow? How much will corporate profits increase in a digital economy that produces universal wealth?​

Imagine living in a world that delivers “greatness for everyone,” and your publishing platform is how everyone lives, works, learns, and is entertained. Every minute of every day​. Imagine how leading this kind of world could put you in front and make obsolete the business models that are killing you today.

Think “breakout”

You will never win by competing with Google, Facebook, and the advertising tech industry. They have mastered today’s markets, and built the size, strength, and speed to defeat head-on competitors.

The only way forward is a new paradigm, to win markets that are available because they are uncontested. A new paradigm is about a breakout from today’s competition. One of the best known breakout plans is the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Here’s a quick list of the key transitions in the new Media 2025 paradigm:

  • From competing in Google’s, Facebook’s, and ad tech’s markets to changing the paradigm to an uncontested business and model.
  • From meeting existing demand to developing and serving new demand.
  • From becoming cheaper-faster-better than today’s leaders to a new exponential growth business.
  • From focusing your company on areas where Google, Facebook, and ad tech are the world’s best experts, to starting a new paradigm business then scaling it as it develops traction with consumers.

Lead the breakaway to exponential growth publishing

Technology adoption life cycle

Start with a small team of A+ talents that operate as an independent startup that will grow throughout the technology adoption life cycle:

  • Stage 1:  Innovators and early adopters
  • Stage 2:  Early majority
  • Stage 3:  Late majority
  • Stage 4:  Laggards

To create your new paradigm, start in the first stage as innovators who work with early adopters. As they put pieces in place and get traction enter the second stage and start adding early majority users.

To accelerate, use components that already exist, but modify them for new uses and combinations. For example:

  • Start by using the Internet’s communication, cloud, and edge services.
  • Use the mobile, IoT devices, and screens that people and employees already own.
  • Add new people-first components as services delivered from cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. (With coopetition a leading cloud vendor could help this expand rapidly to make their big competitors decline.)
  • Sell your people-first cloud services to other companies for them to use. This spreads your new platform to more industries and markets.
  • Scale by adding hundreds of companies who use your people-first services to capture theirs. They spread your platform worldwide.

Develop as much as possible with companies, services, and apps that already exist, or that others add. Your early markets are the many companies threatened by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other giant platforms. Focus on proving people-first advantages, then get other companies to deliver it to benefit them. When a broad front sells the new paradigm to their customers, you will lead a new people-first way for the world to live, work, learn, and be entertained.

The world adopts new network tech faster every year. Accelerate through the first stage of innovation, get to the early adopters, then turn other threatened companies into allies to scale and grow a new people-first majority sooner.

Take the world’s biggest prize

What will every person find more valuable than Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and AppleWhat will have a bigger impact on everyone’s life than governments as large as the United States’ or China’s, and economic partnerships as far-reaching as the European Union’s or the Silk Road’s? The fast-arriving global digital transformation will exceed them all.

Today we are entering a historic transition where today’s world is being reimagined, redesigned, and rebuilt. Most of this global digital transformation will be built in the next ten years, with those winners likely to run it for decades to come. If this is a positive advance, everyone’s lives could soar upward and reach humanity’s next level.

It’s time to imagine your company leading this new future. You could be one of the most important companies in history, by delivering prosperity and greatness for all.

You timed your suffering perfectly. Media 2025 describes how you can grab this global transformation now, and lead a successful digital Earth within a decade.

But where are you going?

The 21st century redefines the speed and scale of publishing. It will become a two-way platform that includes everyone, in every step they take online, when they use every connected screen and device.

As “digital” spreads to every part of society and the economy, that will include every person and business, nearly every minute, in most everything they do. To your company, it will seem like you help advance the entire world, its economy, and every person’s life. To each person, it will seem like they each gain superpowers.

This new advance is exponential growth publishing. In the coming weeks’ Media 2025 articles, this includes:

  • The Big Flip: A people-first digital economy puts people on top, in control, with new abilities to make their dreams come true. See “Flip yourself into leadership by flipping publishing to people-first”
  • Connected consumption: A digital kill switch connects each person to their trusted companies. Then each person’s wants, needs, and actions can directly and personally drive its business and what the economy builds. Trustworthy companies win, while those who are not trusted are locked out. Your publishing platform could connect it all. See “Connected consumption is the new customer experience”
  • Shared planetary life spaces: Protected personal spaces give everyone multiple always-on presence with continuous connections in all of them. Just like we do multitasking, multispacing lets you be everywhere you want to be. See “Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: Two-way continuous connections in shared planetary life spaces”
  • Digital boundaries: We enjoy physical and interpersonal rules and protection in today’s physical world. Exponential growth publishing adds personal safety and protection online, as well as new physical protection. See “Raise the value of every person and their interactions with four new personal protections”
  • Families of devices:  Skip buying a few expensive devices. Turn all screens and interfaces into a simple and powerful experience that serves each of us personally, across all devices, places, and times. See “Families of devices multiply user power and your presences in all places, times and spaces”
  • User-controlled interface: The user interface becomes the world’s most valuable real estate, and it’s owned and run by every person. What’s displayed serves them, and if it doesn’t serve them it’s replaced. That puts people in charge of a people-first economic system named partnership capitalism. See “How a superior user interface will run the economy”
  • Active knowledge: Embed the world’s best knowledge inside every step, to raise everyone’s immediate success throughout every day. See “Everyone is the best in the world:  Achieve above your full potentials”
  • Active resources: Embed connections to the world’s best tools, services, and technologies to multiply everyone’s powers and abilities every minute. See “Tech will surround us, and everyone will use all of it to succeed immediately”
  • Two-way exponential growth publishing: Leading publishers are already positioned as curators of quality content and choices. Next they can deliver this as trustworthy cloud services, and deliver a people-first digital Earth that includes everyone. See “Exponential Growth Publishing: A new digital Earth’s platform for universal prosperity, personal protection, and greatness for all”

The new destination: The Big Flip/The Flipped Economy

Today's tech benefits corporations. What happens when tech is re-invented as people-first?

Today’s tech is corporate-first. What if tech were re-invented as people-first? It will flip the economy by giving everyone superpowers.

As we saw at the beginning, today’s capitalism rewards one company for defeating everyone else. Today’s system:

  • Produces dominance and control by a few winners.
  • Locks down the middle class in stagnation.
  • Turns the majority into losers.

Most people say the system is rigged against them. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Instead, a people-first exponential growth platform can empower everyone to rise to the top. For the first time, everyone can be above average. Billions could rise above their full potential. Greatness for all will be the new norm.

If your company gives everyone superpowers, you become the next superpower.


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