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The Best of the Best

I went into the historical analytics of the Biznology business blog and used the Google Analytics records from all the way back in 2012 through to today and these are the twenty most successful by visitors. I always find it essential to make sure that good content, especially if it’s popular and evergreen, gets not only shared but reshared, too. I hope you enjoy exploring these twenty most popular and visited posts that I have written over the last five years. They cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Community Management, Online Reputation Management (ORM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). I am sure you’ve missed quite few of them in the past — and if you’ve been a reader of mine for half-a-decade, I am sure you’ll find some amusement in returning to the best and brightest.

How to recover from Google Penguin and Google Panda

5 of my favorite productivity apps

Google is a lying liar that lies

Why aren’t you cross-blogging on Medium?

The Interview as Sony false flag publicity stunt

Your own personal Fappening

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet

Getting lithe with a little help from my FitBit friends

Learn to lower your social media inhibitions

The best automagical Twitter following tools for your business

Are there nudie photos of you online?

The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch

Top online marketers on Twitter

Lurkers are the 99.989% of social media

If it exists, there is porn of it, no exceptions

Restfulness is close to Godliness

ManageFlitter is my favorite follow/unfollow Twitter tool

Domain name registration strategy

A couple Google Webmaster Tools tips and tricks

Your website is wearing mom jeans and shoulder pads

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Chris Abraham

About Chris Abraham

A pioneer in online social networks and publishing, with a natural facility for anticipating the next big thing, Chris is an Internet analyst, web strategy consultant and advisor to the industries' leading firms. He specializes in Web 2.0 technologies, including content syndication; organize search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management (ORM), content marketing, online collaboration, blogging, and consumer generated media.

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