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Six Ways You Can Restore Harmony in Your Business as a Leader

At all levels, leaders are bestowed with the power to influence their employees. In the same manner, many leaders, especially women entrepreneurs, who lead and are responsible for what their group does. Oftentimes it may be overlooked as the most effective way to lead from behind and let their business thrive.

The key to successfully leading a growing organization effectively relies on the capability of its leader. Well equipped with intuition as well as innovative approaches, women entrepreneurs are much needed to take in more active roles in terms of leading their teams and organizations to best succeed.

The ability to keep a harmonious environment or relationship within an association is a widely sought-after trait of a leader. Since this trait can be honed through experience, it may bring up the debate about whether leaders are born or made. Luckily for us, we do not have to go through that discussion. We simply have to read through these basic tips to restore harmony as a leader.

Know your people

To effectively manage a growing team, we must be familiar with all of its members. As we all know, each person has their own “unique” characteristics. Uniqueness does have its positive and negative effects on a certain group.

The responsibility to balance the team’s traits and harness them to achieve a common goal falls upon the leader. By knowing our subordinates as individuals, we have a better grasp of how to employ them as a team. We will be able to assess each person’s tendencies, traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

This becomes a great tool when we work with our people as a team. We can organize our group in a complimentary way to avoid friction between the members. Rational distribution of tasks based on our team’s skills and abilities can also breed a harmonious atmosphere.

Show appreciation

Another great way to instill a cooperative mood within the organization is by showing appreciation. This must be done regularly. Aside from a company’s reward system, a leader must always be on the lookout for little things that the members contribute. Saying “thank you” will go a long way. These 2 words have a “magical” effect that restores the energy of people that made an effort to accomplish something. Being recognized is a basic social need for an individual. A team whose members know that their efforts will not go to waste usually works with more energy.

Being approachable

Having good communication with each member of your group is also a game-changer. A brewing altercation between members of your team can easily be quelled if each of your members can approach you at any time.

Leaders must make an effort to build a communication bridge between each of the team members. This will give us a view of the team and its goal from different perspectives. We must always remember that leaders will not be able to please everybody, but it does not mean that they cannot talk with each one. All decisions have their pros and cons and receiving feedback is a valuable input that can defeat dissonance.

Using numbers in your favor

Leading a team requires a good balance of interpersonal skills and intuition. Oftentimes, some of the world’s greatest leaders go the extra mile to bring out the best performance out of their teammates.

Meanwhile, ancient leaders used angel numbers as a guide to understanding their people. Its results are unquestionable as ancient civilizations thrived and are said to be mysteriously advanced technologically. Angel numbers is a system that is based on the premise that every one end everything in the universe has a numerical path or value.

Every individual is thought to have a designated life path, expression, or personality number. This can be computed by getting the whole number values of our birthdays or full names. By calculating the angel numbers of your team, for example: 555, you will have a great guide on how to lead them. The most basic angel number is the life path number which is derived from a person’s birthdate.

1 = the born leader

Let’s try calculating a life path number for an example. There are 11 life path numbers, numbers 1 to 9, 11, and 22. Each has its meaning, strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. A person born on February 2, 1995, has a life path number of 1.

Month: February = 2; Date: 02 = 2; Year: 1995 = 1+9+9+5  = 24 = 2+4 = 6

Month(2)+Date(2)+Year(6)=10 = 1+0 = 1

(Keep on adding until the sum are whole numbers)

People with 1 as their life path number are born leaders. 1 symbolizes the origin of all numbers. It indicates a relationship with all the other life paths. Usually, 1’s are iron-willed and are self-motivated. Great accomplishments are no surprise to them. On the other end, their expectations may be too high for others.

Worth a try

It’s said that angel numbers help bring us closer to our true purpose in life. As leading women, we would like the best for our subordinates. Using angel numbers can act as a guide to bring the optimum combinations and performance out of our team. Personally, it could also help us maximize our potential not only personally, but its benefits can also be extended to our professional lives and careers.

Lisa Froelings

Lisa Froelings is a business and productivity consultant with over 4 years of experience in human resources working for a major retailer in the country before she decided to build her own business. Her interests include technology, mindfulness as well as time management.

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