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Squiggly Career Paths

As the nature and pace of work continues to evolve (devolve?) at breakneck speed, leaders have an opportunity to recast career growth, knowledge acquisition and skill development in support of…

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Valuing Exceptional Women

This edition’s featured article, When Women Leaders Leave, the Losses Multiply, urges “….organizations [to] promote principles and practices that: promote gender equity, develop compassionate leadership, and increase learning through intentional…

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Agile Leaders, Thriving Talent

This edition’s featured article, The Real Secret To Retaining Talent (Harvard Business Review, March-April 2022), spurs us to consider our opportunity and obligation to make our colleagues feel special. Thoughtful, creative and…

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Climate Change Hits the Boardroom

SEC Proposed Rules to Enhance and Standardize Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors Under Review Mean New Board Roles Ahead In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed rule changes that would require…

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