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Dana Look-Arimoto Interview with JEM CEO Jen McClure

This week’s guest is Jen McClure, Founder and CEO of JEM, a Silicon Valley-based global management consultancy and publishing group, and a Business Insider Power Player in management consulting. A Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors, Jen is currently on the board of KQED and on the advisory boards of How Women Lead, How Women Give, and Miracle Messages. Jen’s executive experience makes her an expert in enterprise digital and social media, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, media relations, and investor relations.

Biznology Editorial Team

Biznology Editorial Team

Biznology is the digital magazine and learning platform of JEM. Biznology is the intersection where technology, management and knowledge meet, helping business leaders make smarter decisions for today — and preparing them for what’s next. Through its articles, podcasts and other resources, Biznology features valuable insights and guidance from Consultants Collective and our other contributors.

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