Travel mugs help spread your business around this summer

When you are choosing a promotional product to help spread the word about your business, if you want to spread your name far and wide, consider travel mugs. Travel mugs will certainly make the rounds when you give them away, recipients will take the mugs with them wherever they might go. Since summer is such a popular time for traveling, this is the perfect timing for your branding promotion.

Promotional Travel Mugs

Gopromotional has a wide variety of different types of promotional travel mugs to choose from. Some keep drinks hot, some keep drinks cold, and some play double duty and can do either.

How to Make the Most of Your Promotional Product Campaign

Promotional products and giveaways like these have been around for a very long time. They are one of the oldest types of marketing, and have outlasted and outperformed many other types of traditional types of marketing. Even in a digital world, customers love getting something for free and that is a big reason why promotional product giveaways work. However, there is a special formula to them as well. We break it down into three keys for successful branded giveaways:

  1. The promotional product must be a good quality to represent your brand well. Gopromotional offers the best, high quality promotional products that will last long and stay strong.
  2. The promotional product must be useful to the recipient. Travel mugs are very useful, as everyone likes to bring drinks with them in a spill-proof type of container.
  3. The promotional product should help remind the recipients of your brand. Make sure to choose a travel mug that matches your colors, logo, and other aspects of your brand. If you sell food and drinks, that is even a better match.

Once you can ensure that these three keys are met, then you can have a successful promotional product campaign that helps improve your brand’s image, will increase the likelihood of recipients purchasing from you, and gives them a positive image of your brand, bringing it with them everywhere they go during the summer and every other season too.

Richard Larson

Richard Larson is the Marketing Manager at, the leading UK promotional products company. He enjoys sharing his experience on a range of subjects to enable customers to increase their brand awareness through the use of promotional merchandise.

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