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In today’s episode, Steve and I talk about capitalizing on site search insights and the first thing they tell clients to do to improve search. If your site search is failing, the problem isn’t likely your search engine — it’s your improvement program.

Site search improvement done manually can only go so far. Google’s launch of AI-powered algorithms points us to where the future of search will need to go. It’s all about machine learning, which is fuel for a site search that delivers sales.

At the end of the day, your best salesperson is your site search. AI makes that search a whole lot better, and companies that aren’t using it risk falling further behind. When your best salesperson gets dumber and dumber, you’ll need to eventually fire them or your customers will.

Because AI in marketing is about getting back to the basics. What we all ultimately care about is the customer experience. Are you helping the customer? Are you answering their question? Are you creating value for them, and for yourself? Take a listen.

00m 00s — Intro and overview

02m 20s — Site search insights on Search Engine Land

13m 00s — Site search value and site search as your best salesperson

18m 50s — Developing a strong site search improvement program

23m 16s — AI and its connection to search

32m 30s — Customer experience

33m 23s — Subscription links and outro

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