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SearchChat Podcast: AI Goes Back to the Basics

In today’s episode, Steve and I talk about capitalizing on site search insights and the first thing they tell clients to do to improve search. If your site search is failing, the problem isn’t likely your search engine — it’s your improvement program.

Site search improvement done manually can only go so far. Google’s launch of AI-powered algorithms points us to where the future of search will need to go. It’s all about machine learning, which is fuel for a site search that delivers sales.

At the end of the day, your best salesperson is your site search. AI makes that search a whole lot better, and companies that aren’t using it risk falling further behind. When your best salesperson gets dumber and dumber, you’ll need to eventually fire them or your customers will.

Because AI in marketing is about getting back to the basics. What we all ultimately care about is the customer experience. Are you helping the customer? Are you answering their question? Are you creating value for them, and for yourself? Take a listen.

00m 00s — Intro and overview

02m 20s — Site search insights on Search Engine Land

13m 00s — Site search value and site search as your best salesperson

18m 50s — Developing a strong site search improvement program

23m 16s — AI and its connection to search

32m 30s — Customer experience

33m 23s — Subscription links and outro

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Tim Peter

Tim Peter built his first website in 1995 and loves that he still gets to do that every day. Tim has spent almost two decades figuring out where customers are, how they interact with brands online, and delivering those customers to his clients’ front door. These efforts have generated billions of dollars in revenue and reduced costs.

Tim works with client organizations to build effective teams focused on converting browsers to buyers and building their brand and business. He helps those companies discover how marketing, technology, and analytics tie together to drive business results. He doesn't get excited because of the toys or tech. He gets excited because of what it all means for the bottom line.

An expert in e-commerce and digital marketing strategy, web development, search marketing, and analytics, Tim focuses on the growth of the social, local, mobile web and its impact on both consumer behavior and business results. He is a member of the Search Engine Marketers Professional Organization (SEMPO), HSMAI, and the Digital Analytics Association.

Tim currently serves as Senior Advisor at SoloSegment, a marketing technology company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to improve engagement and conversion for large enterprise, B2B companies.

Tim Peter’s recent client work covers a wide range of digital marketing activities including developing digital and mobile marketing strategies, creating digital product roadmaps, assessing organizational capabilities, and conducting vendor evaluations for diverse clients including major hospitality companies, real estate brands, SaaS providers, and marketing agencies.

Prior to launching Tim Peter & Associates, LLC, a full-service e-commerce and internet marketing consulting firm in early 2011, he worked with the world’s largest hotel franchisor, the world’s premier independent luxury hotel representation firm, and a major financial services firm, developing various award-winning products and services for his customers. Tim can be reached at or by phone at 201-305-0055.

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