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5 KPIs for analyzing the success of social media customer service

Did you notice the buzz about Avengers: Infinity War on various social media platforms? When the trailer for it first came out, it was all people would talk about and how they cannot wait to see Thanos in his full grandeur. Even the superheros refused to take a back seat and promoted the trailer through their Twitter handles.

This social media strategy helped Marvel get the right hype for the movie across the globe, leaving their fans anticipating for more. Their constant engagement across all their social media profiles kept people glued to the franchise.

This is where you need to halt, and understand – what was the first thing that Marvel thought was important to get the right reaction from their fans? Any guesses? Well, they were hell bent on keeping everybody engaged with the film from the start. They built an emotional connection between viewers and movie characters. And it was all made possible by continuously keeping in touch with all their followers across the globe through various social media platforms.

The Role Played by Social Media Platforms

Lately, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter hold a different meaning in market. They’ve become reliable sources for brands and big names to promote themselves and connect with their target audience effectively. Social media marketing strategies are explored and implemented by experts to promote the brand and build maximum engagement between the organization and the prospects/buyers.

But strategies can be implemented only if businesses have the right data at hand. Once the numbers are received, they can decide whether they are getting the right engagement for their brand through their niche audience or not. So, how do you get hold of these numbers? That’s simple. All you have to do is track your social media key performance indicators (KPIs) to see how your brand is performing across various platforms.

There are various indicators that you can monitor and work towards improving. But before we get to that, it’d be great if we first understand the importance of KPIs.

The Importance of Monitoring KPIs

To understand whether your company is on track or not, you need to ensure that KPIs are tracked by your team on regular basis. In fact, tracking key performance indicators can help organizations come up with a strategy that not only helps them understand customer’s needs, but also builds a strong connection with them in long run. Other than that, companies track KPI to:

  • Strengthen the morale of their employees
  • Support and manipulate the objectives of a business
  • Boost personal growth
  • Track the performance of every individual involved towards catering the needs of customers

Therefore, ignoring them in today’s date can ruin a business easily.

Today, there are various metrics that a business can track, which are all crucial for their success and that of their social media customer service. That’s why we will now focus on 5 of the most important KPIs you need to pay attention to in order to get a detailed insight into your business’s performance.

  1. Response Rate

When it comes to determining the quality of your social media customer service, the most important thing is to track how quickly your staff responds to your customers’ inquiries. Response rates are some of the most essential KPIs for analyzing the performance of your support agents.   

Monitoring response rates will help you come up with an average time it takes for your agents to respond to customers on a daily basis so that you can make any necessary changes if needed. Naturally, when it comes to more complex inquiries, it is understandable that agents will need more time to respond.

In these cases, it is advisable to include live support chat to your social media platforms as it will enable your staff to be even more efficient. Salesforce live chat integration will help you improve your customer service by a great extent and provide you with detailed metrics as well.

  1. Satisfaction Score

After your customer’s issue has been solved via your social media customer service, they should get an option to rate just how satisfied they were with your agents’ assistance. If your customer gives you a low rating, you can try to determine why they weren’t completely satisfied by providing them with some follow up questions.

Ratings and information you get this way will help you track the average score of your company on a weekly or monthly basis, and will also help you identify which practices turned out to be the best, and what needs to be improved in order to increase your customer satisfaction.

While being quick and efficient when responding to your customers’ inquiries is among the top priorities, addressing and solving their problems in an organized and strategic manner is of a vital importance.

  1. Social Activity

Tracking social activity per hour will give you the ability to identify traffic patterns as well as to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. This will allow your support team to be more strategic and efficient when it comes to helping your customers.

Tracking this particular metric can help you to structure your team in accordance with what needs to be done in a specific time frame. Knowing what the peak times for social activity are can further enable your team to divide their workload so that they can be prepared for periods of high traffic.

Other than this, there are times when social activity takes place outside standard business hours, so analyzing social activity by the hour can help you better prepare for these situations.  

  1. Brand Mentions

Brand mention is a KPI which refers to how many mentions your company receives on social media platforms on a daily or even hourly basis.

Compared to other metrics that we have mentioned, this one is not so complex – it is one of the easiest ways to see how your customers feel about your products and the services you provide them with. Having an insight into how many people are interacting with your brand using social media and what they are saying about it will help you meet their requirements more precisely.  

  1. NPS

Short for Net Promoter Score, this KPI can be established based on how much your customers will be likely to recommend your services to their family and friends using a scale from 1 to 10.

After your customer purchases a product from you, they should get an option to express just how willing they are to recommend your company, as well as some questions they can answer to let you pinpoint what your services lack.

That way, you will be able to receive constant feedback from them, which will portray your brand and customer support’s performance.

According to various surveys, recommendations to family and friends have shown to be one of the most effective methods of advertising your business. That is why NPS is one of the KPIs you should absolutely take into consideration when tracking your overall performance.

Let’s Sum It Up...

The key to having a high-quality social media customer service lies in the efficiency of your support staff. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your customers’ experience, make sure to keep track of these 5 crucial KPIs daily. Although there are some additional KPIs, these have shown to be the most relevant ones that will ensure the success of your business in the long run.

Robin Singh

Robin is a Technical Support Executive and an ed-tech enthusiast with a combined experience of six years. He is well-acquainted with various knowledge-based tools and is passionate about writing on emerging technologies in the areas of knowledge management and role of knowledge-based tools in modern businesses. Working with numerous organizations has given him a hands-on experience in the application of knowledge-based tools in various sectors of business. His key areas of interest range from the strategies of managing knowledge in large organizations to handling all the areas of customer support in companies of all sizes. He is currently associated with ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading, travelling and music.

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