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Changes in Sales Models: Call for Changes in Video Content

Only 20% of B2B companies these days rely on in-person or field teams — down from 60% last year. They’re seeking to make up for the lost engagement with

  • online meetings
  • website interactions
  • self-serve interactions
  • live chat agents

For many B2B companies “website interactions” has meant redoubling their eCommerce efforts — with good results and with fewer interactions. But it’s not so easy to get online orders for complex and pricey purchases like technology solutions.

The experience of tech buyers

Some intriguing characteristics of tech buying are captured in the chart below, based on data collected just before the pandemic really settled in. Buyers appear to put more value on personalized sales materials than you might have thought. Most are making decisions as part of a team, not on their own. 93% reported that a new decision influencer was inserted into the buying process after the vendor’s proposal was submitted. Overall, the tech buying experience outlined here suggests the need for varied content — including video.


Digital video to support digital selling

“Personalizing” a video doesn’t mean you need to appear on camera. We’re all getting more used to showing our faces presenting on-camera, but recording worthwhile video messages can take a lot of time. The best way to “personalize” a video is to share it with the right person at the right time. For that, you need a library of short videos that zero in on specific topics. Not high-level overviews, but trustworthy show-and-tell videos that hit the mark. And you need videos that speak directly to different members of the buying committee.

How do you build a library like that? You can edit existing videos. Plan new videos in “chapters” that can stand alone. Get your on-line demonstrators to record screencasts that can be edited into punchy stories. Compile customer comments into animated gifs. Planning and editorial skill can go a long way to “personalize” videos for specific interests and points of view.

Pro Tip (for MacBook and iOS users)

If you’re a MacBook and iOS user involved in online meetings, take a look at the Camo app. Even the free version lets you significantly improve your online appearance by making it easy to use the excellent video camera in your iPhone or iPad in place of the mediocre webcam in your MacBook.

Bruce McKenzie

A writer with a background in public broadcasting and corporate marketing communications, Bruce McKenzie pioneered the “2-Minute Explainer®” brand video for technology businesses in 2004. Customers have included numerous enterprise technology companies (Cisco, IBM, BMC, Brocade/Broadcom, Software AG, CA Technologies, CompuCom) as well as B2B startups. Rebranded “Technology Business Video” in 2017, the company today produces a variety of “tactical” videos to reach buying team members throughout the sales cycle. We take everything marketers want to say and transform it into short videos that communicate stuff buyers want to know. It’s basically what good writers do, made visual. Visit to learn more or set up a chat about tactical videos with the Technology Business Video professionals.

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