How AI Is Disrupting Social Media

AI is a disruptive technology at its root as it is based on the premise of doing things faster than people with better accuracy and less filtering. AI has many components that truly makes it unique and many technologies within that which creates a perfect storm of intertwining technologies that serve to create uncanny programs.

Machine learning makes up most of the AI technologies that are commonly known and understood. Essentially, machine learning breaks down into the prediction and analysis of data in real-time to attempt to preempt any issues that may arise during regular operation.

Machine learning and marketing

Machine learning has most famously been used as the ultimate marketing tool, capable of following a target audience and changing to fit the revolutions of the customer base. This is an invaluable aspect of machine learning that has been used to deleterious effects and great success. In either case, it shows that machine learning is a powerful tool that can really and truly put your marketing team over the edge.

Machine learning is such an incredible tool that it has also been used to make targeted propaganda more effective and to create a more effective influence campaign than ever before. However, there are relatively banal applications of the technology as well, like in the case of automated marketing assistants that simply use AI to keep everything running smoothly and without much interruption.

Customer relationship management and social media

These automated assistants can even analyze market trends and put together ads that will effectively target your customer base with targeted ads and campaigns. All of this without having to type a single piece of copy yourself.

However, AI has disrupted the social aspect of social media by providing services like instant translation and speech to text to allow as many users to chat with each other as possible. These apps are only possible with the power of AI that can analyze buying and browsing patterns in a heartbeat just to immediately turn them into a plan of action for users and developers alike.

Natural language processing and your business

AI has also revolutionized predictive speech and text making them much better in the process thanks to the power of AI. Critically, AI also gives users the power to filter spam automatically which should put someone in contention for the Nobel peace prize immediately. All of this to say that AI has enhanced the social features of our technologies and pushed what is possible to new heights.

This AI-enhanced chat functionality breathes new life into the social media industry while also disrupting how we interact with social media forever. In an incredibly short amount of time, AI went from finally feasible to crucially critical for the continued success of most marketing platforms and research teams.

Every user is unique

AI is frequently used to curate content and search for specific functions and data across the web. AI is capable of collating and analyzing data in a fraction of the time that it would take the researcher and instead allows researchers to focus on putting the puzzle pieces together to find the answers to our most pressing questions.

The machine learning algorithms of AI are so complex now that they can predict which things you might like and what kind of language you would prefer to see.


While this has a slippery slope attached to it, AI is still being predominantly used for manufacturing and industrialization where it can run much of the operation by itself. As technology continues to expand and envelope other technologies, AI will show itself to be an innovation that is quickly found to be paramount to the success of most operations. Many businesses today rely on AI to get important work done that couldn’t have been accomplished otherwise.

Ultimately, AI is disrupting social media because it prioritizes the user over the image and therefore can read every part of a specific user’s taste. This gives AI a unique advantage over other technologies as the only one to really “think” out of them. AI continues to match steadily forward and in due time AI will become synonymous with every other essential piece of technology in our lives.

Lisa Froelings

Lisa Froelings is a business and productivity consultant with over 4 years of experience in human resources working for a major retailer in the country before she decided to build her own business. Her interests include technology, mindfulness as well as time management.

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