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AMP Up Your Digital Marketing: Employee Advocacy By The Numbers

The following is a sponsored article from our partner, GaggleAMP

Digital marketers are always looking for the best methods to drive leads, opportunities, and reach their goals, and this requires staying up to date on what’s trending and the direction of MarTech.

As we know, employee advocacy software has been around for almost ten years, but it’s still a growing industry that not everyone has taken advantage of. Similar to any marketing stack, there are different methods and customizations you can take for your employee advocacy program. Some organizations may see different benefits or challenges regarding employee advocacy than others do. 

In this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, Andrew Hutchinson, who is the Head of Content and Social Media at Social Media Today, explains how employee advocacy is used and the numbers behind it.  

Social Media Today, in partnership with GaggleAMP, conducted a survey of about 400 digital marketing professionals – half of which work in B2B companies. The questions range from if marketers have a program in place or plan to implement one in the future, the benefits professionals get out of employee advocacy, why they think it works, what methods they use to improve their program, and more. 

Hutchinson explains that while some statistics affirm what you may already suspect, many of the employee advocacy statistics paint quite an interesting picture of the industry and how your piers use their platforms. He breaks down how Social Media Today conducted the survey, why it’s important to get the perspective of marketers, the numbers he found the most interesting, and what they all mean. 

The purpose of the survey was to find out the value behind employee advocacy in the eyes of the people who use it, and the results were that 73% of people find messages their friends share are more persuasive than paid advertisements. And that’s the value proposition behind employee advocacy. For an organization to have the people under its roof share a message rather than a paid ad, the message is received by its audience as more trustworthy. 

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