3 Proven Small Business Digital Marketing Tactics

Small businesses that still aren’t using digital marketing need to understand just how important it is. Digital marketing is an essential component to ensuring your small business thrives in today’s highly competitive world and it allows you to make your mark. Whether you run a limited liability company, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, one thing is for sure: small businesses of all types will clearly benefit from a strong digital marketing strategy.

However, many small businesses may be unsure about where to start with digital marketing or intimidated by the idea. Make sure to gain some education before you dive in. These three effective digital marketing tactics that will help you gain positive business results.

Curate Shareable Content

An imperative part of effective digital marketing is producing the right type of content. Your content will make or break your strategy. You want to make your blog the best ever and ensure you are putting your best foot forward on social media. Low quality, irrelevant content will negatively impact your brand, while high quality content will help you establish thought leadership, improve your relationship with your audience, and enhance your brand image. As a result, it will boost your bottom line. As you curate content, make sure the content helps your business grow its reach. It also should help your audience by answering questions.

Optimize for Desktop and Mobile Marketing

Many small business owners don’t know the difference between mobile marketing and desktop marketing. They are similar, but if your goal is to maximize your digital marketing efforts you must have a clearer understanding of how each type of marketing works and determine how people will engage with your brand.

One key point small business owners need to determine is how to get more prospective customers to convert. This is why you have to provide both a desktop and mobile experience to customers. They are both important to your business and reaching your marketing goals.

Your desktop strategy needs to focus on delivering an excellent user experience to your visitors, so they will stay longer and also take action. Ensure your website has a great content strategy, is optimized for search, and easy to navigate so your audience feels connected. Track how people use your website and which pages are the most popular so you can use that information to improve the experience.

Mobile will account for over 70 percent of digital ad spend this year, according to eMarketer. You need to make sure your site is optimized for mobile so that when your customers and prospects access your website from their mobile devices, they can get a great and efficient mobile experience and find what they want easily. It’s about more than the design — it’s about how well it can convert, so your site needs to be mobile-responsive and should load quickly. And remember to optimize it for search engines.

Host Relevant Webinars

A webinar is simply an online seminar that is either a demonstration, discussion or presentation. They can be interactive and relatively easy to produce. While webinars start and end at an elected time, they can also be archived and used as gated content behind a log-in form, providing an opportunity to gather additional leads. Webinars are an underutilized digital marketing tactic that, when done properly, lets you interact with an audience in real-time, answer their questions and provide value that your audience wants to receive. They also provide an opportunity to show that you’re an industry expert that people can trust. Webinars give you more exposure and help you get leads so you can make more sales, no matter what you sell.

Small businesses often shy away from digital marketing if they’re uninformed about its benefits and are uncertain how to get started. If you’re ready to grow your small business, use these digital marketing tactics and implement them across your marketing channels.

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Megan Totka

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