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4 tips for budding entrepreneurs trying to get capital

Entrepreneurs have a lot of challenges, but there are also a lot of potential rewards to make the difficult journey worth it. One of those challenges is seeking the capital necessary to help their businesses grow and prosper. Here are four tips for budding entrepreneurs to help them move in the right direction and ensure they’re a sound and attractive business for investment.


Keep detailed financial records

It’s easy to focus on your customers and products and services – in fact, it’s very important to do that. However, the reality is that you’ll have to explain your business in detail to an investor or lender, so you’ll need to know and understand exactly what is happening with the business too. This is why your bookkeeping and accounting must be in order. If you feel like you’re wearing too many hats to manage your finances, it’s worth it to invest in a contractor or employee to help with those tasks.


Scale your business expansion and consider all financial resources that are available

Entrepreneurs sometimes get ahead of themselves. Their great idea results in burning through a lot of capital very quickly, placing them in undesirable situations. Consider the opportunity you’re pursuing and then evaluate your funding options. Think about your needs and see if a business line of credit, taking money from your personal savings, crowdfunding, or turning to friends and family for help would best allow you to move forward with your business goals.


Confirm your business is healthy and develop a detailed plan to expand

Learn to monitor your revenue to ensure that it’s stable. You will have to make payments on loans you take, so if your business isn’t generating enough revenue to fork over that cash, you’ll find yourself in a tough spot. There are things every budding entrepreneur should know, from the importance of risk taking and hustle to believing in yourself. You also should know how crucial it is to have a detailed plan in place that highlights the goals of your intended business growth.


Build a solid team

Make sure you hire with care. You want to build a great team of people to help you run your business. Don’t get in a rush to bring on people — hiring is a good place to take your time. The process of finding staff is one thing you want to get right, from who you hire to craft content for the buying cycle, or sell the products and services you’re so proud of. If money is tight, keep in mind that 42 percent of small businesses employ contract workers such as freelancers according to Forbes. This option is less expensive and more flexible than adding full-time employees. There isn’t a specific way to guarantee you’re hiring the best team but think of it like this: great entrepreneurs often attract great people.


The startup game is a risky one and securing funding is often a roadblock for entrepreneurs. Investors can’t open their wallets for each and every great idea that walks through the door. Use these tips to help you secure funding and make your dreams come to fruition.


Megan Totka

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