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  1. Avatar Mike Moran

    Hi Ruth,

    Kind of you to hearken back to that gating discussion. I still think that the best advice is people should test to see what works better. Our tests show that gating works fine for events, such as webinars, but the SEO value of having content un-gated for white papers and case studies and the like usually wins out. But it all goes back to being data-driven, which you have always advocated, so rather than saying you are coming around to my side, I think it’s accurate to say that we were both always right about being data driven and that the data has led us both to the same conclusion. To me, it is remarkable how it helps to bring data into any difference of opinion, often softening hard feelings and politics that don’t survive a true airing of the facts. Our discussion was always amicable, but I have seen even difficult situations resolved because people usually are ready to face facts when presented objectively. To me, that’s the big lesson here–follow the data and you will look like a genius. You’ve always done that and it’s why so many people listen to you. Thanks as always for contributing to Biznology.

  2. Ruth Stevens Ruth Stevens

    I know what you mean, Mike. This is the very reason I embraced direct marketing the minute I was exposed to it back at Time Warner. Let the market tell you what’s working, that’s the ticket! Thanks for your thoughts–brilliant as always.

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