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Why you need an optimized e-commerce site

You’re taking all the right steps that marketing experts tell you to do to drive traffic to your website. You’re engaging in social media, softly promoting your brand when possible, and using keywords to draw attention to your site from search engines. But nothing seems to be working because you’re getting more bounces than conversions. Something is wrong, but you’re not sure what. You may not have optimized your website to make it appealing to your target customers.

E-commerce websites aren’t something you can place online once and never touch again. People are always looking for something fresh and new when they return to a website over any given period of time. If your site hasn’t been updated or significantly changed in more than a year, your bounce rate is going to increase. You need a material redesign of your website to make it more attractive and interesting to an e-commerce audience that’s both old and new.

Don’t start thinking that you have to remove everything you’ve built either. You can retain your signature elements, taglines, and graphics if you don’t want to part with them. What you do want to do is start cleaning up your existing e-commerce site. Move your favorites around on your pages. Clean up poor SEO strategies, and get some fresh product stock up on your website. Still need some guidance? Explore the infographic below and discover many tips to help you get your e-commerce website ready for a new day and new purpose for your target audience.

Optimized E-Commerce Website

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