Tech surrounds us, so use the best of it to succeed immediately

Media 2025: Tech surrounds us, make it a resource for everyone


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Lesson for leaders

We are invisibly surrounded by the world’s best tech. Adding remote control makes it accessible. Then active resources can switch users to what they need in each task. Active knowledge will show them how to use it well. This adds another way to make this a digital Earth where everyone can succeed at the world’s highest levels.

Taming the digital blizzard

Media 2025: Taming the digital blizzard

A growing blizzard of new and more advanced connected devices, products, and services force users to try and figure out new combinations of hardware, software, social media, live video, Internet of Things devices, networks, communications, services, apps, and entertainment. Superficially, these devices and apps look different. When factored down they are basically digital means to work with data.

Is it possible for a new kind of remote control to help tame this blizzard of overlapping features, devices, and services? With a generalized remote control interface we can do more with fewer resources, produce more with fewer steps, use more tools at lower costs, and reach more goals in faster and better ways.

A world where everyone runs everything?

Media 2025: A world where everyone runs everything?

How does remote control change the essence of products and services? They’re turned into subsidiary devices (SDs) that can be run with their common, familiar interface, or with a remote control interface. The SD servers can be accessed through:

  • Cloud services
  • Software or apps
  • Third-party subscriptions
  • A server inside a company for its employees
  • An API that apps and devices can add, to make remote control possible from almost anywhere with a minimum of time and code

This could multiply the abilities of industries and startups to sell to global markets. Even vendors with a billion users of their devices and operating systems could scale to more billions. It could also transform content because remote-controlled devices could deliver their subscribed content. It could also expand personalized services such as video-conference, journal subscriptions, textbooks, and research libraries.

What kind of world is it when the best resources can be accessed by everyone?

Media 2025: What kind of world is it when the best resources can be accessed by everyone?

Digital advances open up businesses many times; remote control enables another digital unloading, which will rationalize functions into a smaller number of consistent usage designs and predictable processes within an accessible digital environment that is affordable for universal use with accessible benefits for large numbers of people. Opening up empowers billions of consumers with new immediate capabilities, whenever and wherever they are needed.

For vendors who see this as an opportunity, they can sell to much larger markets of consumers. As a result, their devices and products might be sold as a service, whether it serves a global mass market or a specialized niches.

  • Self-driving cars can expand automobile manufacturers’ models become transportation companies.
  • A range of business models could turn large numbers of tech devices, products and services into a global resource that makes money for their owners.
  • Companies can buy or rent a “pool” of the best tech products and services so every employee can switch to the best tech for each task.
  • Some of the business models can be cloud services, pay-per-use, subscription, as needed rentals, freemium, and sharing.

Everyone uses the world’s best resources to run a great digital Earth

Media 2025: Everyone uses the world’s best resources to run a great Digital Earth


Adding remote control of SDs can tame the complexity of digital advances. This turns the entire tech industry an immediate resource that everyone can use, increasing each person’s abilities. In addition, active resources can use remote control to help people switch to the best available tool as soon as it’s needed. Then active knowledge delivers the guidance to succeed quickly.


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