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Overcoming a dry spell: 8 sources for blog inspiration

Sometimes the best blogging ideas come from creative places. The next time you get caught in a blogging rut, look to these eight places for some guidance. Blogging is a valuable marketing tool that requires consistency. Sometimes the blank white screen in front of you is daunting, especially if you have no idea what to write. Even the most experienced bloggers lack ideas and motivation from time to time.

Rather than force yourself forward in the blogging process, take a step back and look for innovative ways to come up with content and save yourself time writing and brainstorming.

  1. Seasonal trends. When you are in a blogging jam, take a look at the calendar. What is the next major holiday and how can you make it work for your blog? If the major holidays don’t inspire you, do an online search for any off-beat (read: “made-up”) holidays that might work for your niche.
  2. Industry news. Of course you keep up on new technology, reading material and regulations in your industry but do not assume the same of your client base. Establish yourself as an expert by commenting on trends and breaking news in your industry. Be sure to provide enough background so clients understand why the information is significant and how it affects them.
  3. Pending legislation. This is similar to posting on industry news, but can be broader in scope. Health care reform is a good example of a news item that can provide blog fodder for businesses that may not seem directly involved. Find a way to relate the legislation to your own industry and company specifically, and you may bring in new readers in the process.
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  5. Tutorials. What does your company do better than any other? While you clearly cannot post company secrets, think about video blog entries, or vlogs, that are helpful to your client base. You may have to get creative to make this work – but sometimes those end up being the best posts on your blog anyway.
  6. Local events. You may have a broad audience from all over, but if there is a hyper-local story that makes sense to mention on your blog, go ahead. It’s a great way to boost your local website traffic. This is particularly important if your business is involved directly with an outreach or local networking event.
  7. Your personal life. Blogs have certainly blurred the lines between what is considered private, and what is public knowledge. It is best to err on the side of “business only” where your blog is concerned, but if you can find a way to incorporate your human side on occasion, take advantage. Letting your clients know that you are a parent, or just lost a beloved family pet, gives them the opportunity to connect with you in a new way. Keep personal posts to a minimum, but do incorporate them from time to time.
  8. Your competitors. If you feel like you really have nothing to blog about, read a little bit from your competitors. In fact, you should have the blogs of your toughest ones (or at least those you strive to emulate) in an RSS Feed anyway. Find out what they are writing about and see which posts drive the most engagement from readers. Put your own spin on the same issues.
  9. Popular posts from the past. Take a look at your all-time highest blog posts. Which ones are in need of an update? Be sure to link your updated post to the high traffic one from the past, and vice versa, to increase hits to both pieces.

Where do you look for blog inspiration?

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