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What’s the best way to say thanks to a customer?

“No matter what happens, I just want to say thank you for introducing me.” said the the email, and just like that, I was jarred out of my analytcal headspace in the midst of editing a tech document . How often does one hear an authentic piece of gratitude nowadays? I decided to pass on the goodwill by writing a belated email myself, saying my thanks and paying it on forward. I also wondered how well most people hear a simple thank you from those they work with. What about your customers? Do they hear thanks from you?

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Facebook quantifies its gratitude and then makes it competitive, tracking the number of friends you’ve brought to the social network and rating your recruitment efforts. Is gratitude a sport?

Verizon is saying thanks to their customers, too, using the opportunity of the iPhone’s release on their network. Of course, the implied sale there makes the gratitude feel a bit tainted.

Amtrak thanks customers too, at least when they are stuck in a broken-down train. This is disingenuous also–it uses the social convention of gratitude accepted gracefully to paper over a deficiency in service.
Zappos thanks customers when they screw up too–even when it costs the company over $1 million to do so. But Zappos’ culture is well known for putting customers first, even when the customers get a very, very nice windfall at their expense. Did they need to say thanks? I am impressed that they claimed it was their fault and took their lumps rather than scrambling to make a bill adjustment–saying “thanks for being great customers” is definitely over the top.

What’s the best way to say thanks to a customer?

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