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Are you ready for AI in marketing?

Most people aren’t, but that’s okay. It doesn’t take much to get ready—mostly an open mind and willingness to learn. What you need to understand first is that artificial intelligence…

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Digital herds

In his thought-provoking podcast Revisionist History, renowned author and speaker Malcolm Gladwell investigates what he calls “the overlooked and the misunderstood.” In one of its most captivating episodes, “The Big…

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Checklist for Audio Podcasts

I run into folks all the time that are very well-spoken who wistfully exclaim, “If only I could write well, then I’d start blogging, too.” When I hear that, I…

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Podcast with SEO 101

Several weeks ago, I was able to sit down for an interview on SEO 101 on Webmaster Radio. It’s taken me quite a while to post this link, but I…

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