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George Achillias

George Achillias is a physicist, specializing in solid state physics and quantum theory--but with much experience in product development and marketing. He is able to connect the dots and is interested in things happening in the next 20 years. George is a rainmaker regarding mobile and connectivity, who understands mobility and is keen to learn more about the nomadic behavior of modern societies.

A Google Explorer and Mobile and Digital Evangelist, George holds an MBA from Bentley and is experienced in strategy and product design and implementation. His expertise is in bridging the gap between people, services and products through successful market research and in-depth analysis in developing products. George is passionate about Big Data and the Internet of Things. He loves ethnography, and is working hard to be part of "The Next Big Thing."

With 15 years of experience holding senior positions, George has been influencing trends and disrupting the media and advertising industry. He has worked on verbalization projects. George is excited to create a mobile ecosystem where all the dots are connected (smart cities, buildings, audiences), and brands have the best signal among people.

George is an idea scouter and is passionate to create and design strategies for engaging, effective, elegantly smooth digital experiences. He is a connector and an influencer with the ability to merge technology, design and a diversity of media.