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How to Share More Video Content


B2B marketers would be looking for more money to create video content even if the pandemic had not given such a big boost to the kinds of online engagement where video content shines. Of course, creating video content was never the point; video can work its magic if and only if it’s shared.



Innovative video content sharing

How video is to be shared — especially in light of the unexpectedly successful hybrid sales models that developed during the pandemic — should influence the production process more than it does.

For example, one striking finding in the report cited above is that nearly half the content marketers surveyed are not creating new content specifically for virtual events and webinars — in spite of their well-established effectiveness.

The common types of videos produced today — explainers, spot commercials, demos, etc., are ill-suited for virtual events and interactive online marketing. They’re too long, too sales-y, or too overview-y to enhance the user’s experience in a session that’s supposed to be interactive and comprehensive.

Despite these shortcomings (or long-goings) the videos in your existing libraries can be a great source for new material for enlivening interactive meetings — you just need the pull out clips and (maybe) make a few edits.

Sharing content during production

Inside your organization, any video production is likely to be a high-visibility project. A platform where all your key stakeholders can share comments on script, storyboards, and the video before it is final, is key to a smooth video production process. It helps avoid high-visibility mistakes and gives everyone a share of ownership in the video before it’s published to the world.

Sharing content privately — and personally

Most popular video sharing platforms offer security and privacy options for controlling access to your video. These options can work to your advantage when they help you personalize the video, as with video messaging, a big plus for hybrid digital selling.

Video sharing resources

Different platforms have different specialties, use cases — and different subscription costs ranging $0 to $1,000+ per month.

The 25 best tools to share videos online is a comprehensive and pretty judicious roundup compiled by one of the 25 companies on the list.


Bruce McKenzie

A writer with a background in public broadcasting and corporate marketing communications, Bruce McKenzie pioneered the “2-Minute Explainer®” brand video for technology businesses in 2004. Customers have included numerous enterprise technology companies (Cisco, IBM, BMC, Brocade/Broadcom, Software AG, CA Technologies, CompuCom) as well as B2B startups. Rebranded “Technology Business Video” in 2017, the company today produces a variety of “tactical” videos to reach buying team members throughout the sales cycle. We take everything marketers want to say and transform it into short videos that communicate stuff buyers want to know. It’s basically what good writers do, made visual. Visit to learn more or set up a chat about tactical videos with the Technology Business Video professionals.

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