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How Businesses Are Using VR For Better Employee Training Outcomes

The world of Virtual Reality is fast becoming more popular as a way for companies to solve problems, increase productivity, and train employees. The problem with VR in the past was that it has been too expensive for many smaller businesses.

Virtual Reality is especially useful when used for employee training. It provides an engaging, fun way to train employees in a variety of industries.

Now with more affordable options available, what does this mean for small business owners?

According to a Harvard Business Review article, studies have shown that VR training can be more effective than traditional in-person training. They cite a recent PwC study in which employees who had taken VR training said they felt 40% more confident than those in a conventional classroom setting and 35% more confident than e-learners. These trainees also reported feeling four times as focused during the experience and completed it 1.5 times faster.

Another interesting article by Training Industry says that retail companies’ use to train employees how to handle large crowds on Black Friday is safe and effective. VR’s immersive, real-world experience provides the perfect vehicle.

World-renowned VR expert Jeremy Bailenson says: “It’s more than content inside a headset.” And, he says, it’s highly scalable. The very nature of VR means there is immediate feedback too, which is helpful for training employees in potentially dangerous situations or industries.

So, what will it cost?

Because learners absorb information faster and retain the information longer, making a small business investment in VR for training a sure thing with better outcomes and ROI.

According to Round Table Learning, $20,000 is the lowest a business can expect to pay. Its high ROI makes it worth it. VR can lower or eliminate many of the costs associated with training because it allows employees to practice in 3D without spending money on physical equipment or trainers.

Most importantly, it’s safer for everyone. While you may get a little dizzy, there’s little to no chance of getting hurt during a training session.

Randye Spina

Randye S Spina is a marketing consultant, author of a small business marketing book, and an award-winning adjunct Professor of Marketing and Communications. She serves on the board of directors of the Arts Alliance of Stratford and is a former board member of the Direct Marketing Association. Randye was the founder and managing director of Affordable Marketing Solutions, a small business marketing consultancy. In a prior life, she was Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development at a financial services company and was the first General Manager of the start-up co-branded credit card division of a global travel company. Website Amazon book link LinkedIn Twitter

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