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Leadership Lesson: On Finding and Using Your Voice

We’re pleased to feature the most recent podcast from our Consultants Collective member, Dana Look-Arimoto.

We all have a voice. The key is to find it, and more importantly, understand when to use its power. This week, Shakeya McDow, VP of Ethics and Compliance Strategy, Intelligence, and Operations at Kaiser Permanente, gives practical advice on knowing when to listen, when to speak, and how to calibrate your voice so that it is not only heard, but followed. 

Today’s Guest: Shakeya McDow

Settle Smarter is produced by Paul Godwin for NEWdOG Media


Dana Look Arimoto

Dana Look Arimotos is a senior advisor for Consultants Collective. With more than two decades leading talent ecosystems, I provide executive and leadership coaching via the Stop Settling® spectrum and the composite/domain charting system StrataGEM® to help people, teams, and leaders accelerate growth, results and transformation. Having it all is not about doing it all or striving for the mythical ideal of "work-life balance." It is about creating your own path and priorities to achieve the holistic quality of life you want.

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