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A View from the Inside: Two Experts Write the Book on Internal Communications

In 2018, when comms pros Mark Dollins and Jon Stemmle were first wading into the research for their forthcoming book on internal communications, but they couldn’t have anticipated the seismic change we would all soon experience. Their timing will serve us well as we move forward in a post-COVID-19 world.

Drawing from their ongoing research and their careers in the field and in the classroom, Mark and Jon joined us for the latest episode of EE Voice to discuss the foundational and emerging core competencies of internal communications. As well as the personal stories behind the successes and the thru-line of those who are charting a new course in an altered landscape.

A paradox of the COVID-19 crisis is that it presents the opportunity of a lifetime for those who understand this moment’s impact on internal communications. Hear these experts’ insights about this moment in time, the potential advantages it offers, and how to make the most of those opportunities.

Sharon McIntosh

Sharon McIntosh

Sharon McIntosh is a senior advisor for Consultants Collective as well as the president of And Then Communications. With more than two decades of communications experience, she has a passion for creating and executing new ideas to drive employee engagement at Fortune 500 companies. Now she’s turning her attention to helping other organizations great and small do the same. Her clients have included United Technologies, Otis Elevator, Toyota, Intercontinental Hotel Group, AbbVie, TEGNA media and AppSpace, among others. Most recently she served as PepsiCo’s vice president of Global Internal Communications, overseeing the company’s efforts to connect with its more than 274,000 employees worldwide. She and her team launched a number of innovative employee initiatives, including the company’s first social media training (SMART U), a social tool to share internal news externally and PepsiCo’s award-winning employee ambassador program. Before joining PepsiCo in 2004, Sharon spent seven years at Sears. Among her greatest contributions there, she launched a marketing strategy for all life events, ran user experience for the company’s e-commerce site and introduced the company’s first intranet. Prior to Sears, she worked at Waste Management, publishing more than 14 annual reports for various business units, managing shareholder meetings, drafting senior executive speeches and handling media relations.

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