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Promotional Products Work Week

Next week is “Promotional Products Work Week”! It will take place May 14 – 18, 2018. It is promoted each year by the Promotional Products International Association. This annual event serves as a cornerstone for recognizing the importance of working with promotional professionals, while creating awareness for promotional products as a powerful and effective advertising and marketing medium. Promotional Products Work! Week is an industry-wide event dedicated to celebrating the power of promotional products and the value they create. We are celebrating it by sharing an infographic with 7 Reasons to Use Promotional Products!

Promotional Products Have Wide Exposure

63% of recipients pass on promotional products to someone else after using them. When compared to other types of advertising, promotional products have the ability to increase your exposure when others see the recipients using them. It can actually act as an endorsement of your company or brand.

Promotional Products Recipients Have a Better Recall of Your Brand Name

89% of survey respondents could recall the advertiser that gave them promotional products. This is a much higher rate than other types of advertising that cost the same as or even more than promotional product campaigns do. Many consumers easily and immediately forget a commercial they just saw or heard, but carrying around a promotional product or having it sit on your desk every day does much more for recall.

Promotional Products are Liked and Appreciated

83% of U.S. customers like receiving promotional products with a logo or message. Promotional products are very different from other types of advertising in that they are actually sought after instead of ignored or forwarded through like television commercials. This makes promotional products a unique choice, but also an effective choice.

Promotional Products are Ranked #1 In Effective Advertising

Of course, effectiveness is the most important metric when it comes to advertising; and promotional products are ranked #1 when it comes to being the most effective advertising tool. After all, they are memorable, sought after, kept for long periods of time, and are the only advertising form that can be passed onto others. This combination of benefits of promotional products are what helps them rank number one.

Promotional Products are Not Only Kept, but are Carried

Promotional items are carried around by 1/3rd of recipients. This speaks volumes about branding as well as to the relationship you are building with your customers and target audience daily.

Promotional Products Are Often Used to Share Contact Details

35% of businesses use promotional giveaways to share contact details. This means they can replace business cards. Since promotional products are kept around for long periods of time (studies show that many are kept for at least a year, sometimes up to three years), they are a better calling card than a plain old business card. Business cards are not kept and used like promotional products are; therefore, they don’t have the same power to help a recipient recall your business name or brand.

Promotional Products are Useful to Recipients

Promotional items are used by 75% of recipients at least once a week. What other advertising method is purposefully looked at and used by your company’s target audience? This helps increase your company’s branding and shows what a great investment promotional products are.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Business

Celebrate Promotional Products Work! Week with a new campaign featuring branded giveaways with your logo on them. You don’t have to wait for a trade show or special event, use promotional products for advertising on a regular basis. Now that you see the statistics outlined in this infographic, it proves just how powerful of an advertising tool promotional products are. Put them to work for you. Choose the right promotional product for your company or brand with our three keys:

  1. Make sure that your promotional product helps connect recipients to your company brand. This is accomplished when you choose a type of promotional product that represents your industry or your business. Pick a product that represents you to increase its advertising power and memorability. Examples include recycled products for an environmentally friendly company, toothbrushes from a dentist, technology products for a digital company, etc. Pens, notepads, calendars, and hats work well as branded giveaways; but they are generic and could be from any company or brand. Find a way to make the product you choose unique to your company.
  2. The promotional product should be good quality since it represents your company. Make sure to choose a quality promotional product because even though you don’t manufacture or make it, it still reflects your company. Since promotional products are kept for a long time, they must last through the usage, wear and tear.
  3. Choose a promotional product that will be useful for your recipients. As we mentioned, the average promotional product can be kept for a year or more. The more useful a promotional product is, the more it will be used and the longer it will be kept.

Richard Larson

Richard Larson is the Marketing Manager at, the leading UK promotional products company. He enjoys sharing his experience on a range of subjects to enable customers to increase their brand awareness through the use of promotional merchandise.

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