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7 tips for effective press releases

Press releases can be very effective for helping to create a buzz and getting the word out about something new with your business. However, since many other businesses also know this, there are often too many press releases floating around. Press releases can be a useful tool for any size business, and they allow smaller businesses to grab the same press attention larger businesses can get. How can you make your press releases more effective and stand out against the rest? Follow these seven tips to ensure that your press release cuts the mustard and makes it through the noise to be an effective tool for your business.

  1. Make sure your release is about something new and newsworthy. Choose one topic and make sure that it really is newsworthy. One of the biggest mistakes is running a press release that really doesn’t contain any news. Of course, it can be easy to find a newsworthy angle in many things, but readers can also detect when your press release is “stretching” it.
  2. Keep your release simple. A release doesn’t have to be long and complicated. It should be easy to read and should not take more than a couple minutes to get the idea. Leave journalists wanting more so that they contact you. Oftentimes, a press release gets so long and complicated when it should be shorter and just plain simpler.
  3. Don’t pretend it is the biggest news ever. Your release has to appeal to your audience. It is likely that you audience isn’t a sensationalizing loving group. If you pretend like your news is the biggest and best thing ever, the readers and target audience will see right through that and choose to ignore it. Just as you should keep it simple, you should state the facts and, by all means, let your audience know why your news is special or important. Use nuances and great descriptors to influence your writing instead of exaggeration.
  4. Choose the perfect title and introduction. You know what they say about first impressions? This is also the case for press releases. Make sure that your title is descriptive, but also grabs their attention. The title and the introduction should entice readers to keep reading and get them interested in your topic. You should quickly and easily be able to tell what your release is about and why it is important or special.
  5. Structure your release so that it is easy to read. If reporters are your target audience, keep in mind that they likely see dozens of press releases a day, if not more. Customers are also a busy bunch and they probably don’t have time to read about your company news either. That is where structuring your release for easy and quick reading comes in. In addition to catchy and attention grabbing headlines and introductions, the rest should be skimmable. Use bullet points, numbered lists, and short paragraphs. Making your writing easily consumable makes your release more likely to be read.
  6. Timing is everything for your release. Since most press releases are going to be about something specific, timing them right means everything. If you are too early, the timing won’t work and if you are too late, it is old news. Try to give reporters enough time to gather and write a story if that is your goal. If your aim is to attract customers, they also need some time to plan to attend a sale, event, or react to your release.
  7. Follow up quickly. When you monitor your press release, you will see the pick up and interest. Be sure to follow up with the reporters that run the story. Ask if they have any questions or need any more information. Monitor social channels and engage with customers and journalists that show interest or share your news.

We hope that our seven tips for effective press releases has been a help to you. If you keep these ideas in mind when writing your next release, you will see better results and it is likely to even save you time in writing your release. Remember to: write about something new and newsworthy, keep your release simple, don’t exaggerate your story, choose a great title and introduction, and make your release easy to read, pick the right timing, and follow up quickly. These helpful hints will ensure that you are writing your way to a successful press release for your company.

Richard Larson

Richard Larson is the Marketing Manager at, the leading UK promotional products company. He enjoys sharing his experience on a range of subjects to enable customers to increase their brand awareness through the use of promotional merchandise.

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