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Content strategy, or how important content is for any brand, is what all brand people are talking about. Every marketer wants to create content that people will love, share, and talk about it. Every brand wants to get connected with amazing storytelling able not only lift the brand higher but also make people want to talk about the brand, the content, and connect to it.

In our days, most of the time, brands think that it is enough just to create something nice and then post it around expecting magic to happen. In reality, this might happen in one in a million situations.

Content strategy is something really complicated which requires deep understanding of the brand, hardcore analytics, and well described business objectives. Most importantly, however, is an agency capable not only of designing it but also to delivering it in a scale relevant the brand’s.

At the same time, brands try to understand: what makes Red Bull or GoPro such a great example to follow? How does a guy with zero budget, like the photographer behind the concept “Humans of NY,” make people thrilled at what they create and the way they say the story. What’s the magic formula which connects people and stories?

There are specific types that people like to share.

Content that expresses audience’s identity:

  1. Something which makes people feel a specific way, most of time something which changes their emotional condition to a better one
  2. Content which has information people love to share in order to inform others about something they find important

And these categories of sharable content they are all driven by deeper human needs.

People love to feel that they belong while they really need to build and make visible a personal brand. Moreover, the way we express feelings in our days it is beyond words. We use pictures, videos with cats or puppies, impressive music, or exciting action YouTube clips to show and let others know when we feel down, happy, or creative. In addition, as social personals we are keen to show others how much we know and that we found something before they did.

Therefore, a content strategy requires many magic elements to be cooked together and a good recipe to combine them in the most balanced way, able to not only bring the brand closer to people but also to serve the originally set business objectives.

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