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The Power to Thrive through Conscious Leadership

Recognizing our own emotional content and the energetic frequency we bring to each interaction is a key component of a Conscious Leadership practice. Emotions are contagious. Can you remember a time when you were in a great mood and then someone angrily stormed into the room and you found your mood instantly changed, too?

Horses are perfect teachers for learning ‘What’s Mine and What’s Yours?’ because they give us instant biofeedback. Once I went to the barn to ride my horse directly after a very intense and contentious meeting. I haltered Trigger and was walking him when he was being unusually fidgety and distracted. I told him to stop it a few times and then suddenly realized — Oh!! He’s responding to my energy! I immediately stopped walking, shifted my attention into my body and said to him, “So sorry! I just came from an intense meeting and I was very wound up when I arrived. But I’m so happy to be here with you now, this is my happy place.” He immediately put his head down and walked like a gentleman and we had a great ride. No, he didn’t understand my words but I went through a process of being honest about my emotions, about the underlying energy he was sensing under my smile. What he was able to do was experience me coming into “congruence” emotionally. And to horses, congruency = safety & trust.

How often do we put on a happy face when we are stressed? How often do we try to “buck up” and go through the motions of leading meetings when we are dealing with something difficult? People wear masks all the time – but being a conscious leader means taking off masks and being more honest and authentic in your leadership. And you’ll be amazed at how much people are craving emotional honesty in the workplace.

I can’t wait for the Power to Thrive Conscious Leadership Spring Retreat, where you will have the chance to be taught by horses in the equine-facilitated coaching experience. Horses don’t wear masks – they are 100% honest in their communications and will let you know immediately – are you being 100% honest with yourSELF? Learn more about how to become a conscious leader and improve the health of your organization by prioritizing YOU, with a retreat built around the practices of conscious leadership to create accelerated, long-lasting transformation.

The world has changed. Leaders need more support to lead in this new paradigm.

Great leaders know that taking time to prioritize your well-being is vital not only to your own sense of purpose and vision, but to your company’s overall long-term health. But you cannot serve from an empty cup. Get the tools you need to meet the challenges of modern leadership in in this four-day accelerated learning event that combines the proven technique of Co-Active Executive Coaching with dynamic biofeedback from human-horse interactions.

Please join us. Register here.

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Gretchen Fox Palmer

Gretchen Fox Palmer is a transformational conscious leader, business writer and speaker and CEO and founder of MTO Agency and MTO EDU. Gretchen is a vibrant yet raw, heart-centered, consciousness-driven leader who has not only survived but THRIVED in the male-dominated business world. How did she do it? She learned to listen to her own intuition and she dared to ask the question that EVERY leader should be asking themselves right now: If the systems we have built so much of business around aren’t positively impacting the people who work within them at every level, what needs to change? Gretchen gave herself permission to understand herself, her team, and the communities she serves as whole humans. Over eight years, she has worked tirelessly to carve out a new path — one that is people-centered and values-driven. Now she is creating a new space that is so needed for fellow leaders — a space to grow together and support each other because leading with empathy is hard work, and the business world is short on mental-emotional support for leaders. In creating a space where leaders can lean into the unprecedented challenges they face together, there is a real opportunity to create positive change.

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