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Educating Your Stakeholders on the Why and How of What You Do

It’s important for organizations to embrace the concept of educating their constituents on how their work solves common challenges. After all, why you do what you do is integral to gaining the support of everyone vital to your success—the general public, customers, and, of course, employees.

Here are four ways to educate your constituents and further your mission in the process:

  • History: Going back to the beginning of a challenge can set the stage for meeting it today. What watershed moments in the past created the momentum that propelled your work to where it is today?
  • Day in the Life: Not everyone geeks out on history, and that’s fine. Detailing your day-to-day can go a long way in educating people about the work you do and its importance. Follow an employee or customer through their day and demonstrate how your work impacts them.
  • Future Focus: Attempt your best “Ghost of Christmases Yet to Come” and paint pictures—both positive and negative—of what the world might look like with and without your work.
  • Educate about Education: Finally, consider reinforcing the importance of educating the general public on your work and the issues associated with it.

For each of these four, find a balance between hard statistics and storytelling to ensure your message is impactful and memorable.

Through these four approaches you can inspire and equip all your constituents to share your story on social media, with their networks, and friends and family.



This is an edited excerpt from an article that was originally published here.

Douglas Spencer

Douglas Spencer is founder and president of Spencer Brenneman and an independent consultant with the 2GO Advisory Group. Douglas is a brand strategist who helps mission-driven organizations reframe their focus and remaster their messaging to thrive in any environment. He has more than 30 years of branding and marketing experience, working with professionals from around the world in verticals such as financial and professional services, high tech, higher education, healthcare, and not-for-profits. He has worked with professionals from around the world in verticals such as financial and professional services, healthcare, biotech, media, and nonprofit. Before starting Spencer Brenneman he was most recently Vice President, Global Head of Brand Management for Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of intelligent information with offices in more than 100 countries worldwide. In that role, he guided the migration of the multiple Thomson and Reuters businesses to form the new Thomson Reuters brand which consistently ranked within the top 50 of Interbrand's Best Global Brands survey. Douglas is also the author of Do They Care, a book that shows business leaders how they can create meaningful connections with customers, employees, and others. He is a frequent speaker on how strong brands improve business performance through strategic alignment, employee engagement, brand governance, verbal and visual identities and more.

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