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The Creator Economy and the Rise of Content Monetization

With more than 50 million people worldwide considering themselves to be “creators,” CB Insights, a technology analyst firm covering emerging technologies and tech startups, recently released a creator economy market map documenting this fast-growing space.

Cb insights creator economy map

CB Insights points out that digital content creators have had to cobble together various tools to build and monetize their activities.  This is quickly changing with more than 100 players in the ecosystem from content creation tools to companies supporting subscriptions, online courses, fan interactions, advertising, administration, analytics and more.

Key quote:

“… a slew of startups are looking to disrupt the way creators make content, develop their audiences, or grow their businesses beyond advertising. Examples include video editing software Kapwing, personalized video app Cameo, and creator credit card startup Karat — companies spanning use cases like content creation, fan interaction monetization, and financing solutions.”

We like their map’s focus on content monetization, which we see as the biggest challenge for most digital content creation.

In addition to the map, CB Insights produced a spreadsheet with the funding details on about 150 venture backed creator economy startups.  It provides interesting insights on who is investing in what in terms of the creator economy.

The CB Insights map is similar to the creator economy market map released by the VC firm Antler, which we covered last week.  But both have insights the other doesn’t have and both are interesting.

Steve King

Steve King is an advisory board member of JEM and a founding partner of Emergent Research where he leads the firm’s ongoing research identifying, analyzing and forecasting the global trends and shifts impacting consumers, small businesses, the gig economy, independent workers and Web 3.0’s role in future of work. Steve enjoys wide industry recognition as an expert on the future of work. He is an active public speaker and has written for the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, U.S. News and World Report, Venture Beat, Wired and other publications.

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