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Tamara Rodman on the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

According to the recently released 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, societies around the globe are facing an epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust.  For more than 20 years, the Edelman Trust Barometer has measured trust in businesses, government, NGOs, and the media. According to Executive Vice President Tamara Rodman, who leads Edelman’s Employee Experience Team, this year’s report is an urgent call for communicators to work with business leaders on maintaining and rebuilding trust.

Tamara is a frequent and favorite guest of EE Voice, bringing 20 years of experience in organizational communications, culture, leadership development, and employee engagement across a broad swath of industries. She points out that this moment in time presents an opportunity for executives and business leaders ― one that will require the deft and proactive guidance of internal communications professionals.

Her advice includes a warning to executives that staying silent on the crises of the moment – whether on racial justice, the pandemic’s impact, the future of the workplace, or vaccine hesitancy – leaves a void that employees themselves may fill with misinformation or negative talk about the company.

On the subject of vaccines, Tamara notes that while employers may not be public health experts, vaccinations are closely tied to our economic recovery. She provides a road map for communications experts and business leaders to “educate, enable and encourage” employee vaccination while reiterating that it is a personal choice.

Tune in to hear Tamara’s insights on these points as she reminds us that employees have the power to enact change and discusses employers’ challenges in a moment when their actions can build – or risk losing – the trust they’ve built.

Sharon McIntosh

Sharon McIntosh is a senior advisor for Consultants Collective as well as the president of And Then Communications. With more than two decades of communications experience, she has a passion for creating and executing new ideas to drive employee engagement at Fortune 500 companies. Now she’s turning her attention to helping other organizations great and small do the same. Her clients have included United Technologies, Otis Elevator, Toyota, Intercontinental Hotel Group, AbbVie, TEGNA media and AppSpace, among others. Most recently she served as PepsiCo’s vice president of Global Internal Communications, overseeing the company’s efforts to connect with its more than 274,000 employees worldwide. She and her team launched a number of innovative employee initiatives, including the company’s first social media training (SMART U), a social tool to share internal news externally and PepsiCo’s award-winning employee ambassador program. Before joining PepsiCo in 2004, Sharon spent seven years at Sears. Among her greatest contributions there, she launched a marketing strategy for all life events, ran user experience for the company’s e-commerce site and introduced the company’s first intranet. Prior to Sears, she worked at Waste Management, publishing more than 14 annual reports for various business units, managing shareholder meetings, drafting senior executive speeches and handling media relations.

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