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How to 10X Productivity While Working Remotely

Can you be 10X more productive when working from home versus going to the office? Believe it or not, this is possible! Just how can you take your work from home productivity to the next level? What are some of the steps you can take to amplify what you can do from home? Here are 4 productivity hacks to 10x your productivity.

Use Your Lack of a Commute to Your Advantage

You waste a lot of time daily when you have to commute to the office and back. If you have a commute into the city that takes one-hour each way, you are wasting a lot of time and energy to accomplish the travel. Even if you are sitting on a train, you need to get to the train, go through the stress of riding, make it into the office by a set time, etc. All this takes up time, energy, which you can flip into more productive work time.

Use your lack of a commute to your advantage by setting a schedule where you can get up early, get set up for the day, and then crush work with immense productivity. Be sure you still go to bed at a normal hour, still get up at the same time during the morning. When you enjoy your perfect mattress and reset you can get up early to exercise, shower, eat breakfast, and settle in for the great day ahead. When you save two hours of time and energy with no commute, you can put that right towards your 10X productivity goals.

Create an Immersive Work from Home Set-Up

You need to create a set-up at your home that is going to be immersive. Just like your office is away from your home, and in your mind is a place where you do work, you need replication of that. 

The goal is to create a dedicated workspace within your home that can get you away from household distractions. Working from your home can be tempting to sit on the couch, laptop next to you, trying to putter away at necessary things requiring completion. You will get the most done, be 10X productive when you can go to that office, or separate space in the home, where your mind knows it is time to work. 

Technology can assist there as well. It is not just having a desk to place your laptop but also having a keyboard, mouse, multiple monitors. All this can help you amp up what you can accomplish.

Keep Organization Paramount

You need to stay organized in your work from home set-up. Be sure you are getting your desk ready at the start of each day, cleaning up at the day’s end. This can assist as you move from one day to the next, helping eliminate the necessary time to ramp up on what needs completion. An organized set-up is a productive set-up as you do not have to wait to get rolling, lose any documents, or waste time.

The organization also pertains to how you set your day up for success. Dedicate certain times to go out for a walk, to eat lunch, step away. When you get away from your desk, you can reset and come back with much more energy, more passion, and focus. It all comes down to how you can engage in your work, hone in on it, which leads to the 10X productivity gains.

Work a Personal Backlog

Creating a to-do list of sorts for yourself can help immensely as you begin to march towards what you complete daily. You are going to get everything done, each day. instead, what you want to do is to start the day with a listing of everything that needs completion. You then bucket these items in the level of importance, working on the most important items first. At the end of the day, things which were not complete shift to the next day. Know what is fine to finish certain days and what is acceptable to shift to the next day. Working in this manner can ensure you do not context-switch, remain with a level of focus, and complete the most important tasks first.

Working from home is an art that once you master, can help increase your productivity 10X. Take advantage of the lack of a commute, dedicate a space in your home to work, and use organization, as well as technology, to take what you do to the next level. Embrace work from home and it can lead to big gains for your career.

Matt Shealy

Matt Shealy is the President of Chamber specializes in helping small businesses grow their business on the web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

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