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Creating the Future Reality for Your Business: Putting the Power of Advanced Thought Consciousness to Work

The challenge

Every employee in your workforce is being challenged, whether it is over stress from their jobs, fear of change, or worse…The unknown. What if the thought of the future could spark them into a new reality. One where they control their destiny and are able to do amazing things for themselves and your company?

The possibility

Ever wondered what Abraham Lincoln was thinking when he said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it?” Imagine the incredible advantages companies would have if they could help every employee crack the code and take destiny into their own hands, and literally create their future realities.

Turns out Honest Abe knew what he was talking about, and it goes beyond goal setting. While it has always been possible, in the twenty-first century the secret to intentionally creating our future reality can now be explained through simple science. Two components are definitively responsible for creating our future realities: Thoughts and the Universal Search Engine.

The science

To understand the first, we begin with a few basic science terms and definitions:

  1. Matter: Everything with physical substance including tables, chairs, plants and you.
  2. Atoms: The basic building blocks of matter, made up of pure energy in the form of subatomic particles.
  3. Vibrations: Those subatomic particles constantly explode with energy creating vibrations.
  4. Motion: Those vibrations create a continuous state of motion.
  5. Electromagnetic Waves: That constant state of motion produces electromagnetic waves (consisting of frequencies and wavelengths) that emit frequencies outwards, cascading away from matter like how a pebble dropped into water creates ripples outwards.

These scientific principles apply to all matter, inanimate or not. If we understand that, we can apply them to our thoughts.

The science of thought

Each thought fires neurons, and those firing neurons produce electromagnetic waves that emit frequencies outwards, just like matter.

The difference is electromagnetic waves produced by firing neurons have frequencies that vary according to what you are thinking about. When you think negative thoughts, lower frequencies are produced and broadcasted (figure 1), and when you are thinking positive thoughts higher frequencies are created and emitted (figure 2).

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Figure 1: Negative thoughts produce low frequencies, with waves further apart.

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Figure 2: Positive thoughts produce high frequencies, with waves closer together.

This is how thoughts are literal things in the form of vibrational frequencies. Let’s put a pin in this while we talk about the second component.

The Universal Search Engine

It turns out the energy field that enables all wireless technology to work truly functions like a search engine by a) picking up signals, b) searching for frequency matches, and c) returning experiences.

A physical example of this: When you click the garage remote, a signal emits. The search engine a) picks up the signal and b) searches for a frequency match. When a match is made with your garage door opener, presto, c) an experience is returned by way of your garage door opening.

Thoughts work similarly, with a universal search engine picking up all signals, including thoughts emitted as frequencies. But here, frequency matches to our thoughts are returned in the form of real-life experiences, from love, to health, wealth, and everything in between including material things. You have heard the term “self-fulfilling prophecy?” That is how this works ― As you think about anything a search is generated giving a higher probability of resulting in your prophecy, essentially calling forth the return of that life experience.

Like the energy field enabling wireless tech, this search engine’s functionality is woven into the fabric of our cosmos, always accessible to everyone. Compare the Universal Search Engine’s functionality with Google’s and the similarities are hard to dismiss:

GoogleUniversal Search Engine
a) Picks up: Keywords and phrasesa) Picks up: Frequencies
b) Searches for: Keyword matchesb) Searches for: Frequency matches
c) Returns: Contentc) Returns: Experiences

The opportunity for businesses and their workforce

When combining these two components, it becomes clear that there is an opportunity to harness the power of our thoughts to control what the Universal Search Engine returns. This is the key to creating our future reality, in essence making it possible to “Google” our dream life and achieve our goals.

Individuals seeking personal development and improvements to their circumstances have long harnessed these powers with great success. And, while historically seen as an individual sport so to speak, the same ability and opportunity applies at the organizational level.

Forward-thinking companies leverage these scientific principles to optimize the thought consciousness of their entire workforce to create their future reality and attain goals sooner, with even greater success. Imagine the power of a workforce utilizing these scientific principles in unison. Talk about a differentiator!

The obstacles

While the science is simple, there are challenges.

Difficulty arises when considering 90% of thoughts are repetitive. When the vast majority of what the Universal Search Engine picks up is the same, the majority of what is being returned is also the same. This gives an appearance that nothing is ever changing, and is sensed as being “stuck.”

Another challenge: 90% of our brain activity goes unperceived by us. So, while the Universal Search Engine never fails to pick up, search for, and return matches to our thoughts in the form of life experiences, when we don’t know what we’ve been broadcasting, it appears that unfair things happen without understanding how or why, and is sensed as feeling “powerless.” 

Due to these limiting forces, simply deciding to think positively will not cut it. What can help?

The goal: Improved thought quality

To successfully create our desired future reality employers can educate employees on the wide array of neuroscience proving the power of the mind, and empower them by providing tools to help improve and optimize their thought consciousness leading to a happier, heathier, and more successful workforce.   

How to tips

Here are a few tips that can help your employees in these current uncertain times:

  • Pivot negative thoughts: We can encourage employees to pivot negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, imagining a future where they are coming out of this crisis stronger, in whatever form they choose. Negative emotions are an indicator of negative thinking. When employees recognize these feelings, they can pivot their attention to what is wanted, and when they do their feelings will improve.
  • Reduce repetitive thoughts by increasing neuroplasticity: Employees can limber up their brains by doing things differently like getting out of bed on the opposite side, drinking tea instead of coffee, wearing their hair differently, and so on.
  • The unconscious mind can easily be brought to consciousness by growing self-awareness: The best self-awareness tools are mindfulness and meditation which help employees quiet their minds, reduce stress, and increase focus, creativity, and productivity, among other benefits.
  • Go beyond the “awakened” stage: Employees can add these intentions to mindfulness and mediation practices:
    • Identify thoughts that typically go unnoticed
    • Connect to inner wisdom
    • Expand their practice to tune into their feelings as an indicator of what they are thinking about

  • Get clear about what their best future looks like and leverage scientifically proven tools like intention setting and visualization to broadcast their desired state and expedite its return.

While the above tools are powerful, progress may be slow going since it is an extremely difficult task to break out of worn in patterns of thought – exactly why 90% of the population is thinking 90% of the same thoughts.

Because this is the case, most find a programmatic approach works best. Companies can seek out Advanced Thought Consciousness Development™, a program that offers a systematic blueprint to increase their workforce’s neuroplasticity, dissolve stifling patterns of thought, and create healthier neuropathways. Benefits go beyond expedited goal achievement and include increased employee engagement, and a more cohesive work environment with happier, more fulfilled employees. Employees practicing advanced thought consciousness gives companies a strong competitive edge.

The conclusion

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” — Albert Einstein

With the exponentially increasing pace of innovation, all workplace environments must change or be left behind. To accomplish this both companies and employees must think differently.

The next step in an organization’s evolutionary journey is applying neuroscience to advance the thought consciousness of their workforce. Organizations access exponential power to create and realize their desired reality, sooner, and with greater success when their workforce taps into Advanced Thought Consciousness.

With knowledge of the science of i) thought, and ii) how the Universal Search Engine functions like Google, using thoughts instead of keywords, and returning real-life experiences instead of content, the future is yours to create. Happy searching!

Anita Scott

Anita Scott

Anita M. Scott is the founder of Evolving Humankind. As a leading expert in advanced thought consciousness with a proven series of trademarked courses, she helps companies and their workforce understand and apply brain science to achieve goals they never imagined. Anita’s previous experience spans 20+ years in People leadership roles across Silicon Valley technology companies including eBay, McAfee, and Hewlett-Packard. As a master of innovation with a keen ability to simplify the complex and organize the ambiguous, her work has been recognized with more than a dozen awards including Making History, Winners Circle, and Hero awards. She served on the Board of Directors for Breathe Silicon Valley, and co-founded the Silicon Valley Expanded Workforce Roundtable bringing together leaders across the Technology, Health and Education to collaborate and innovate. Additional recognition includes the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Women of Influence, and the Building Peaceful Families, Still I Rise Phenomenal Women's Award. Her newest book, The Universe Is Your Search Engine: A User’s Guide to the Science of Attraction, follows her first published work, Greater Than Grateful. Anita is a sought-after speaker and trainer and has presented to large insight-seeking audiences at conferences including SAP Sapphire, and at companies like Adobe and LinkedIn. She holds an MBA from Pepperdine University. Learn more at

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