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Tech Tips to Improve Your Client Communications Strategy

Quality and effortless communication is the nerve center of retaining loyal clients. However, with the rapid tech evolution, your clients’ demands have changed. Quarterly in-person meetings or phone calls are not enough to keep them satisfied. They now expect brands to be transparent, as well as to provide them with personalized and real-time support. 

Fortunately, you can use the latest automation and artificial intelligence technologies to take client communication to the next level.

Automate Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling meetings with each client manually eats up lots of your time and effort. Luckily, there is a wide array of automated meeting scheduler apps, such as FreeBusy,, or Calendly, which will make this process faster and more effective. 

The major benefit of these apps lies in the fact that they’re easy to use. The idea behind them is simple – they synch with your Google or Office 365 calendar, telling your clients when you’re free for meetings. This way, your clients will choose the date and time that suits them. Both you and your clients will save hours spent on sending emails and scheduling appointments manually. 

Flexible and automated meetings will significantly boost user experiences and make the process of meeting scheduling more pleasant for your clients. Picking the time when you’re both free, clients will have more time to prepare for a meeting and take its effectiveness to the next level.

Send Automated Meeting Reminders

Now that you’ve enabled your clients to schedule meetings automatically, you should also send them automated reminders via SMS or email. 

To set automated appointment reminders, use the above-mentioned meeting scheduling tools. For example, Acuity Scheduling serves as your personal assistant. It lets your clients book meetings, sends on-brand booking confirmations, delivers appointment reminders, and lets clients reschedule meetings easily. And, you will get notified about every change made. is also a practical appointment scheduler. With it, your clients can book and cancel meetings anytime, pay in advance to you, and be reminded before the meeting. 

It’s one of the most powerful ways to prove your professionalism and show that you care about each client. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to eliminate miscommunication between you and a client and reduce last-minute cancelations. 

Schedule Reports

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When hiring you in the long-run, your clients will want to see whether their investments make results. Now, many companies make a mistake believing that generic quarterly reports are enough for their clients. A healthy company-client relationship includes honest and consistent communication. 

This is why you need to create regular, weekly and monthly reports to keep your clients happy. Let’s take an example of a highly dynamic digital marketing industry, where trends constantly change. Therefore, to prove that your tactics are generating solid ROI, you need to consider clients’ specific goals and link them with the right KPIs. Your goal is to choose the right metrics and track your KPIs for each client regularly and, based on them, create personalized and relevant reports.

Using multiple digital marketing and reporting tools and measuring different metrics for each client may consume lots of your time and harm client relationships. This is where automated reporting software shines. For example, with Reportz, you can combine widgets from different digital marketing tools from a single centralized location, based on the metrics you’ve specified for each client. You can choose what data you want to focus on and filter out everything that seems irrelevant. Reportz offers a wide range of predefined templates you can use and create on-brand and personalized reports for each client. Above all, you can automate report sending for your regular clients, making sure they receive timely updates.

Provide Exceptional Client Experiences with Omnichannel Support

There is a big difference between multichannel and omnichannel communication. While multichannel communication simply means using different platforms to reach your customers, omnichannel communication means synchronizing different online channels to provide seamless user experiences. This simply means that, irrespective of the channel, platforms, or device your customers use, they will always receive consistent user experiences.

For example, start by listening to your customers on social. Instead of tracking your brand mentions and hashtags manually, there are different social media monitoring tools that can help you here. Some of them are Hootsuite, Mention, or Social Mention that will send you real-time notifications when someone mentions you. This is how you can reply to clients’ questions and messages instantly and boost their experiences.

Second, to provide 24/7 feedback, use chatbots. These tools will provide relevant and accurate feedback even when your customer support representatives clock off. AI chatbots are smart, they are constantly learning new stuff related to your customers, and provide them with personalized answers. Most importantly, they will humanize your brand and make interactions with customers more pleasant.

Streamline Invoices

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One of the most common problems businesses face is overdue invoices. Namely, 30% of these invoices are 90 days past due. Moreover, unpaid invoices in the U.S. are now $825 billion. This may compromise solid relationships between you and your clients. Therefore, the solution to this problem doesn’t lie in sending a bunch of angry emails. You need to find a way to encourage your clients to pay regularly and one of the most effective ways to do so is to automate your invoices. 

There are numerous ways to automate invoices and some of them are:

  • Sending email reminders before the invoice due date
  • Sending email reminders when the invoice is due
  • Sending email reminders when the invoice is overdue

Numerous invoicing tools can help you automate your billing processes. Some of them are Invoicera, Zoho Invoice, PayPal Invoicing, Invoicely, and so forth. 

You can take your billing system automation processes to the next level by streamlining the payments of recurring invoices. In other words, your clients should trust you enough to let you charge their credit card or bank account automatically. This saves their time and keeps strong relationships between you.


Clear, honest, and transparent communication is essential for building and cultivating strong client relationships. This will build trust with them, increase their satisfaction and, above all, encourage them to stay loyal to your business.

I hope these tech tips will help you make client communication more relevant, timely, and valuable.

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