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How Can Artificial Intelligence Benefit Your Business?

Artificial intelligence is the future of the technology industry and the impact of it is being felt by businesses around the world. AI has transformed how we even think of customer service. Instead of dealing with call centers and other uncomfortable customer service solutions, businesses are turning to AI-powered chatbots to deal with customers reliably and predictably.

This takes tremendous pressure off of the business to provide perfect service every time. Instead, they can have an AI do it right for them without the chance of human error.

To that end, AI is also being used to improve marketing and capture audiences naturally. Businesses no longer have to pelt their consumers with tone-deaf messages at maximum volume to draw in resentful transactions.

They can use AI marketing to analyze a user’s individual tastes and align the advertising to meet them. This helps to target a specific core audience who responds to your message without yelling at them at home.

AI is also used to analyze massive amounts of data in a matter of seconds to come up with sales strategies that are more effective than estimations and miscalculations.

Here are 4 ways AI is improving business:

AI is improving customer service

Ever land on a website and find a little chat bubble? “Hello,” the bubble reads, “how can I help you today?”

This instant customer service representative is only possible through AI. When you visit a company’s website, you can chat with the chatbot to get answers to basic questions or even get connected with a human representative.

With AI-assisted customer service, you don’t have to wait for answers to questions like, “how much does this cost?” or “how do I make an account?”

Chatbots are improving how quickly businesses can connect with potential customers and helping to ease common customer frustrations.

AI is improving marketing

Digital marketing is incredibly important. Companies spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands on optimizing web content, placing relevant digital ads, and creating captivating content.

Making such a substantial investment into digital marketing is not only wise, but it’s also essential in this day and age. Without a digital marketing strategy, your sales will sink into oblivion.

AI is helping businesses make sure their sizable investment into marketing is one backed by good decisions and relevant marketing data. Most CRMs (or customer relationship management platforms) leverage AI to help find new leads, close sales, and lead new marketing campaigns.

AI is improving sales strategy

Artificial intelligence assists marketers and salespeople. AI helps with every phase of the funnel, as it were.

Artificial intelligence embedded in popular CRMs like Salesforce accumulates data about past, current, and potential customers and analyze their behavioral patterns vis a vis a relevant conversion.

Then, the AI provides suggestions to salespeople based on the analyzed data. This helps salespeople eliminate a great deal of drudgery and guesswork, allowing them to be more productive and efficient.

AI is helping manage supply chains

Supply chains can be messy and complicated. Some companies have recently come under fire because they have abusive companies or entities within their supply chains.

For example, a makeup company may source a particular powder from an offshore company. They find the company pays its employees well and has suitable working conditions and agree to build a working relationship with them.

However, if the makeup powder company gets its materials from a factory with child laborers, then the large makeup company is also implicated. This is bad for sustainability and bad for a company’s reputation.

AI can help businesses make connections that humans might miss, showing where supply chains are inefficient or unviable.


AI uses the information it gathers to create an image of the core consumer audience and develops streetwise that are most effective in capturing them.

CRM platforms and other customer-focused technologies use AI for a similar purpose, to engage with the customer in a personal way without personnel mishaps.

All of this requires that an AI manage copious amounts of information at once which it does expertly. This makes AI perfect for managing supply chains as it can keep up with any logistical changes automatically.

It guarantees, in a way, that supply chains mixups are kept to a minimum and the flow of goods remains constant. Keeping everything level helps to keep businesses safe and predictable, exactly what any business needs.

AI allows teams to be more productive and better managed. The flow of information and data allows for every department to operate at maximum efficiency by putting the computer work into a computer’s hands. AI is undoubtedly changing the world for the better and businesses are seeing great results for it.

Lisa Froelings

Lisa Froelings is a business and productivity consultant with over 4 years of experience in human resources working for a major retailer in the country before she decided to build her own business. Her interests include technology, mindfulness as well as time management.

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