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Introducing the New Biznology

We are very pleased, honored, and excited to announce the launch of the new Biznology. The Mike Moran Group has been managing since 2004, publishing almost every business day for the past 15 years.

Biznology is home to more than 3,000 articles, podcasts, newsletters and webinars focused on the latest developments in digital. This award-winning, online publication has grown to be highly respected over the past decade-and-a-half, and JEM is honored to be the new publisher and steward of the Biznology brand.

With our relaunch, we have a fresh look and feel, and a new tagline: “Where business and technology meet.” The multicolored triangle in our new logo represents our commitment to bring you a strong and dependable framework of multi-faceted content and connections between ideas and people to support you through the ever-changing world of business and technology. Technology has transformed every aspect of every business, and the changes just keep on coming. Our goal is for Biznology to be a strong, valuable peer-to-peer learning network that helps you make smarter decisions for your business today — and prepares you for what’s next.

We’re expanding our editorial team and focus to address a broad range of business and technology topics and trends including AI, AR/VR, big data, blockchain, content marketing, customer experience, digital marketing, data security and privacy, eCommerce, the future of work, IoT, mobile, robotics, search, social media, and more.

We’ll continue to feature daily articles, as well as interviews, newsletters, podcasts, webinars and offer online training and other valuable resources for marketers, communicators, business development and sales professionals, digital and social media professionals, technologists and innovators from small business owners to leaders of global enterprises.

In addition, we’ll be featuring insights from our Consultants Collective member consultants in our new Wednesday Wisdom series. And, we’ll soon be adding more resources and features to build a valuable peer-based community that keeps you on top of the latest developments in business and technology.

We hope you will be as excited about this next chapter for Biznology as we are, and we want to hear your ideas! We look forward to your feedback and participation as members of the Biznology community.

Best wishes, many thanks, and looking forward!

Biznology Editorial Team

Biznology is JEM's digital media platform that highlights the insights and expertise of the JEM community, our Consultants Collective member consultants, advisors and executive coaches, our clients and partners. Biznology is focused on a range of topics that are top of mind for 21st-century leaders dedicated to improving, changing and ultimately transforming their organizations for the future.

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