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Video testimonials and video case studies are a great investment

If you’re looking to make a great investment for your business that has been used for centuries to drive revenue targets, then you should be looking at case study videos and video testimonials for your business.

You are most likely using case studies and customer testimonials now – either on your website, as part of your sales presentations, or embedded in PDFs and brochures– and citing them during sales calls and meetings because they are more powerful than saying good things about your company.

Because the business objectives of these assets are well understood, the time and money associated with producing problem/solution/benefit case studies and soliciting quotes from clients is a no-brainer, because they are proven to build credibility and drive sales.

At a time when attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter; we are becoming a nation of watchers, not readers. This makes now a time to get started or expand your business video content marketing strategy with customer case studies.  Aside from them being a tested resource for buyers, there are two solid reasons why making the investment in video testimonials and case studies should be made ASAP.

Reason #1 – Video testimonials have a long investment horizon

The first is that video testimonials and case studies will stand the test of time. The success your company has provided for your clients – the process improvement, the gain in efficiency, the increase in sales – you have forever helped that client achieve that result. Investing in professional video production services to create case study videos and video testimonials for your business can be amortized over a long period of time. For example, if a series of four to six professional business videos would cost you $20,000 today, but be relevant for 8 years, each video can be amortized at a rate of $52 to $37 per month.

Reason #2 – Video testimonials create an authentic connection

It’s quite different watching an online video of a person telling about their experience solving their problem and providing a solution that helped their business succeed vs reading a quote from “random person” on a website. There is nothing like seeing the excitement, facial expressions, and body language in order to really believe what the person is saying, and what they think about a company, person, product, or service.

Where else can you get an investment that incorporates so much on a personal level and information at that small of an investment?

Steps to get the most out of your budget with business video testimonials and case studies

If you are already using case studies and testimonials, you must already be a believer in how effective they can be…but how do you get started building up a library of sales video content? To begin with, look at your current business decisions/investments. Are there new industries you are aiming at to build more market share? What about new services you are offering that build up past successes? With this in mind, the next step is to look at your current customer base and discover where you can identify quantifiable successes, cost savings, and process improvements with those products or services.

With your customer list in mind, set aside a day and invite them into your office for breakfast or lunch. Because this is a client telling about their success with your organization, this video can last many many years and should be nice and polished.  So, instead of spending your budget for travel, set up time, and going out to each client location–which can really add up– you can use your budget for better cameras, better lighting, and better editing so you can make your business case studies and testimonials videos very professional. SIDE NOTE: As part of a sound business video content marketing strategy, there are times when there is great value in showing up at your client’s location to tell their story and get visuals of their office, their people, and their facility while telling their story. But as most businesses are just getting started with business video production services, it is more palatable of an investment to get more video content for their first project.

Prepare your clients and video production company with the questions in advance so they are comfortable and are prepared with answers. This will make the day of your video production fast and efficient and make the video testimonial comes across very casual and credible. Have a nice, comfortable set, make the clients smile and relaxed so that their opinion comes across as sincere.

Used at the right time during the sales process, a library of website video testimonials will give your company the leverage you need to sway business decisions makers to buy from you. So, the sooner you have them, the sooner you can start using them towards winning new business.

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