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Tips for your professional B2B corporate video production project

Want to get visitors to your website to stay longer? Want to convert more of those visitors into leads and customers? Then you should highly consider investing in digital business video production as a part of your overall marketing and sales support strategy.

As the use of B2B corporate video production and video content marketing has increased, multiple research reports have proved how corporate online business video production can be drive marketing KPI metrics higher.

There are good reasons as to why 52% of corporate marketers stated that video content marketing is the type of content that has given them the best marketing ROI.  When the average site visitor spends 88% more time on a website with video (Source: Mist Media),  there is no other content that gets 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video advertising message (according to Online Publishers Association). And Unruly also has something to say about video advertising in that video increases purchase intent by 97%, and brand association by 139%.88_

These are certainly great metrics for marketers, but what makes digital business video production is that the medium reinforces personal connections that are so important to building trust and informing in the sales process. In addition, video is the only marketing format that can truly connect in an emotional way while providing the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time (decision makers appreciate the ease of use and ability to learn quickly), which supports lead generation. When nurturing prospects and cross selling customers, including video content marketing to an email marketing campaign, increases in open and click thru rates by 60% and engagement by 200-300% are not uncommon.

For these reasons, the use of B2B corporate video production is becoming more prevalent. But gone are the days of just using your home camera or the camera found in your mobile device. The quality of your video represents your brand and company. Just like your website drives immediate decisions in the mind of the customer, very soon you will be judged by the quality of your business video.

No longer is corporate online video production only for bigger businesses with big budgets. But that doesn’t mean the small businesses should opt-in for doing video on the cheap. Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the best quality corporate video production for your business:

Plan, plan, plan

Planning, referred to as pre-production by professional video production service companies, is THE most important part of business video production. Going over the day’s logistics, making sure that all the people on your team know what they are going to talk about… and what they are NOT going to talk about, what scenes, equipment and people need to be used and prepared. Nobody wants to come back and do another shoot because something was missing, as it will cost time and money. So being prepared will reap a ton of benefit to ensuring everything is captured and can be edited by your business video production services company.

Have good audio

Studies have shown that people will forgive less than perfect video, but will not forgive less than perfect audio. There are many types of audio devices available for those do-it-yourselfers and any professional video production services company should be coming to your shoot with more than one audio option.

Two cameras

Business people are not actors, and thus should not be reading a script. Even though a foundational element of getting a well thought out business video production is the fact that the people “know their stuff”, using two cameras will allow you, or your professional video production services company, to make the video more interesting and cut out many of the parts that might make the video drag on longer than it should go.

Proper lighting equipment

Lighting a set is an art unto itself. This includes both the amount of lights, the type of bulbs in the lights, and the accessories to control the lights. TV shows and movies spend lots of time and money on people and equipment to ensure the right lighting is in place for the right set. While your B2B corporate video production will probably not need that level of investment, there is a huge difference between a proper light set up that is matched to the level of light at your place of business.

Presently, the use of corporate online video production will put any company far ahead of their competition due to online video’s unique way of engaging and converting casual browsers into leads and paying customers.  But this won’t last for long. If you’re taking your first steps towards using a professional video production services company and want some idea on how much a video will cost, check out this video

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