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Google likes your blog so take care of it

Have you ever watched something slowly fall into neglect? Maybe it was something around your house. Maybe it was that rotting board on the deck that you watched get progressively worse over time. You didn’t tend to it so one day it finally stop serving you. Maybe it was a relationship that you know needed attention but instead you chose to ignore its importance. As a result, you have a fence that may never be able to be mended. Name any other thing that is as insidious as the creep of decay of anything. It’s nasty business.

Yet, you look at your business’ online condition and wonder how it got to this point. Your design is outdated. The functionality of the site is several iterations behind. There is nothing there to hold someone’s attention let alone attract anything. Then there is the blog. It hasn’t been updated in a month or two and before that it was very sporadic as well. If you go back in the history of the posts you would see how there was a modicum of enthusiasm at the start then it started to trickle off after a few months of gung-ho attention and effort.

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Now you are wondering what’s next with regard to your online presence.

My suggestion? Breathe life back into the blog. You see, blogs have a way of keeping you sharp. I would bet dollars to donuts that if you had continued to keep the blog up to date the rest of the site, and your entire online presence) would have been kept up to date as well.

Fortunately it’s never too late. Cliched, yes but for good reason: it’s true. If you need to get something going regarding your online presence, then get writing. If you can’t write, then find someone to help you. Invest in yourself and your Web presence. Whatever you do, don’t go back to business as usual. That’s what created this mess in the first place, right?

I can’t say it enough. Blogging is truly critical to online success. Should you choose to ignore that fact, then please don’t complain when things don’t improve. If you are not blogging or not at least considering its significance to your online efforts, then the problem lies squarely with you.

If you would like to learn more about blogging, why don’t you check out Mike Moran’s blogging webinar on February 1oth. I know you will learn something. Heck, it may just be the kick in the pants you were looking for.

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