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Social networking, Bing, web analytics, and sex

According to a recent study published on Advertising Age digital, everything someone does or doesn’t do while Social Networking online says something about him or her, not from what they are communicating, but rather through which platform they choose to do it. There are so many ways to network; I was curious how the method used could define someone? Let’s face it; social networking is life! People have been networking socially with each other long before some visually artistic cave woman, with limited spatial depth perception; chose to carve the first pictorial of fire on a cave wall telling her mate to turn up the heat–“its cold in here!”

Bing wasn’t a search engine then, only the sound of the cave man’s awareness that a picture of fire meant to hunt, kill and bring home a beast, because he of course thought, grills on!
Cave drawings aren’t the only social networking platform open for interpretations. When it comes to socnet on the Web, sometimes I feel as if we’re moving backward to the dawn of communication through the use of “texting” and “IMing.” I especially feel this way when, I read and write 140-character messages with UR 4 Your or CUL8R ~,=,;< or I <3 U. Other times, I marvel at the ingenuity of connecting and communicating with people world-wide; yes, cell-phones still intrigue me (where’s the cell phone into which I speak English and my friends in France hear French).
I’m not one of those bell curve Boomers that consider e-mail an advanced computer application (I used email in the mid-1980s), or who is a late-adopter to computers (I connected with B2B customers from a corporate site long before Web 1.0 and I learned FORTRAN using punch cards–yeah, I never did get that either!).I’ve worked in and around computers and software for almost twenty years and the last thirteen, the Internet. I think technology is grand, because it provides a platform for social networking when, where, and how each individual wants.
I keep in touch with family and friends via Facebook, business associates on LinkedIn, and follow the tweets of digital marketing industry leaders on Twitter. I’ve dabbled in tagging and photo sites, bookmarking, and private communities. I write blogs, but haven’t played any alternate-universe games or posted to YouTube. According to the AdAge article on the Anderson Analytics research study of Internet Social Net-workers, based on what social network platforms I use and what I do or don’t do online, a profile is drawn.
Internet users and non-users answered surveys. The research analysts sliced and diced, pulled out demographics and psychographics, and found that “there are definite data-driven segments in the social-networking-site market,” according to Tom Anderson (founder Anderson Analytics), quoted in AdAge.
Research studies fascinate me.ROI and Web analytics can provide marketers and businesses lots of data to describe their consumers and help to predict their behavior.A discussion with Lisa Wehr, CEO and founder of Oneupweb, revealed they developed as early as 2006, podcast analytic methods. They’ve cracked iTunes and can gather information from iPod users with naturally organic podcast tracking, PodTractor.™ This makes sense to me, but a profile based on the Web tools I use? I’m all for ROI and Web analytics, but it IS important to get it right.
If you don’t know me, according to the study, I’m one of 60% of online users who use social networks.I’m in the top 9% of super-users, I have a positive attitude, have “friended” a brand online, and am a business user with an entrepreneurial spirit, fun seeker, social-media maven and late follower, all at the same time. Not bad so far.
Oh yeah, according to the study, I’m also a young white male overly interested in sex and make lots of money.
“Honey, I see you lit the fire. The fillet is on me. Let’s grill some beast after a quick roll in the cave!”

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