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Meet My Friend Les …….. Les Izmore

I may have spoken about my friend Les Izmore here at Biznology in the past. If I have please forgive me but I think he needs to be the center of attention today. Why? Well, there is too much Internet marketing going on and not nearly enough communicating. This is most evident in the social media aspect of Internet marketing. There are so many people vying for attention that the clamor is covering up what is really needed; clearly communicated information. So to do that, often “less is more”‘ (get it?).

Shh... Teddy is trying to sleep

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Look, I suppose it’s interesting to know the various likes and dislikes of everyone on the planet. I take that back. In most cases, it’s not. I can only talk for myself here but I am pretty boring. You don’t need to know the mundane details of my life. If you really want to know you can ask me and I may or may not share them with you. I have boundaries.
Trouble with the Internet these days though is that no one has boundaries anymore and there is this assumption that everyone wants to know everything about everyone. That’s just not true. In fact it’s pretty annoying to those of us who are interested in conducting
In a B to B Internet marketing environment, I want to know the information that will solve my problem. Whether your dog is having back spasms today or not means nothing, unless, of course, he is putting together my solution for my business problem. Scruffy will make it (or not) regardless of whether everyone and their brother knows about it.
If you would like to really stand out in the Internet world today, do the following:

  1. Think about others first.
  2. Answer only the questions asked of you.
  3. Listen at least 80% of your day rather than jabbering. If you spend the majority of your day talking, then you are being annoying. Trust me.
  4. Get to the point quickly and succinctly, then hush.
  5. Learn to say, “no” when it is truly the best answer.
  6. Draw the line between business and personal.
  7. Stop believing everything the “experts” say.
  8. Don’t BS anyone.
  9. Be forgiving.
  10. Stop trying to do it all.

Internet marketing is getting to the point where there is SO much noise that I think those that say less are going to be heard more. People are quickly wearing out with information overload. Remember, less really is more. I’m done.

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