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I presented our latest webinar about website search. You all spend time and money ensuring your content is optimized for Google to find you to send qualified visitors to your website. Many of you also pay Google for paid search ads to do the same thing. So, why is it that your website search facility is run by your IT group? And when your customers type some words into your website’s search box, why can’t they find what they are looking for?

Yes, there’s technology involved, but marketers must own the messages displayed on their website–even ones shown by their search engine. If you’re stumped about where you would even start to improve your website search results, this is the place to start. We’ll explain how you know how big your problem is and the simple steps you can take to start correcting it right away. Whether the problem is your content or the search engine itself, you can do what is needed to begin converting visitors that are today walking away empty-handed. Remember, visitors who take the time to search on your site are more likely to buy than ones who give up more easily.

In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, you’ll learn why search is broken, what steps you need to take, and how to persuade the people you work with to begin taking those steps. Don’t settle for disappointing the visitors most interested in what you sell. Learn how to improve the ROI of your website search.

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Mike Moran

About Mike Moran

Mike Moran has a unique blend of marketing and technology skills that he applies to raise return on investment for large marketing programs. Mike is a former IBM Distinguished Engineer and a senior strategist at Converseon, Revealed Context, and SoloSegment. Mike is the author of three books on digital marketing and is an instructor at Rutgers Business School. He is a member of the Board of Directors of SEMPO, a Senior Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research, and a Certified Speaking Professional.

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