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Bill Conticchio

Bill Conticchio

I’ve been on a fun and fascinating ride in Advertising.

Sometimes the ride has been tedious, sometimes humbling, but I can’t let it go.

At times I’ve skirted paths of convention, while riding waves during others.

If you join me, I promise you’ll never see Marketing in the same way.

So let’s go to a place I’ve found full of contradiction, yet ultimately logical decision making.

Let’s get closer to understanding human motivation just enough to question what we see every day online and off. Let’s observe, synthesize and apply new insight to behavior while always wanting more.

My path of 30+ years researching, writing, designing, and selling ideas brings me here, now, to a digital marketplace dominated by direct response strategies seeking low hanging fruit. No, it’s not Mad Men. If I drank what Don Draper did, I’d be asleep at the Jaguar pitch. I’m here to dig deeper. I’ve been peeling off the outer layers of why people buy stuff online and the things that lead up to it. Together, we’ll tinker with what has worked in one industry and see if we can apply it to another. In the end, we’ll learn more for ourselves by teaching each other.

Informed perspective and experience gained by traveling the indirect route on national, regional, and local small business are the core of my foundation. Content Marketing Methodology and Rich Media Branding are my tools. With the entire buyer’s journey of diverse industries as my structure, and your engagement, we will examine connections brands have with consumers and learn why they mean so much in our consumer driven economy and culture.

And perhaps we’ll discover why brands make our lives richer in the process too.